See Why “It’s Asshole” Creates A Total Vibe – NyteLyfe Exclusive

Looking for a different sound from hip hop artists this year? Well have a moment to check out Houston’s artist AssHole In Gold as he applies pressure. He has an EP titled “It’s Asshole” which creates a whole vibe anyone can enjoy. The artists has been influenced the most from the original southern music. You can feel that presence throughout his tracks in “It’s Asshole”.

The EP has seven tracks that gives your ears everything they should need in music. He has features from Chucky Trill on “Register To Carry” and Jui$e Leroy on “For The South”. There is production of the EP by Texaz Tee, Trakksounds,Healthy Habitz, Accent Beats, and Necronam Beatz.

Be sure to listen to his EP including his videos below:


International T Releases “Pop That” Video – Watch It Now

After releasing his latest project “No Lookin Back 2”, Supreme Clientele’s International T releases his video to hit single “Pop That” The video, directed by Shula The Don, captures the artists in his city showing what it is like to be in the city that don’t sleep. The video shot in New Orleans captures the artist at Club Spades strip club.

The video shares International T with his cameo with Jim Jones. The artist actually has joined forces with Jim Jones, becoming a member of Vamp Life. They have a song together called “For Real” you can view below.

Jim Jones & International T

“Pop That” is the sixth song on “ No Lookin Back 2” The video begins with an overview of the Mercedes Benz Superdome and the city surrounded. International T, Jim Jones and a hosts of friends enjoy themselves showering the beautiful ladies as they “Pop That” for some real ones. The production of the song has a vibe for you to catch instantly. The video captures every lyrics’ presence from ladies shaking to stacked money being thrown. Be sure to view International T’s new below:

Who’s Ready For The Vock Fest V – Nyte Lyfe Exclusive Events

If you never experienced The Vock Fest from New Orleans Bounce Legend, Vockah Redu, then you have yet to see a spectacular concert! Vockah Redu Presents his spectacular festival where he conjoin with artists, each with an unique voice in Houston. Vockah explains how these are artists who he personally enjoys.

This year Vock Fest 5 with have a host of celebrity guests which includes SupaCent, Owner of The Crayon Case, Dawn Richards, and Vincent Powell. There will be a vast variety of vendors, food trucks, VIP sections and services, and much more!

Tickets are on sale and going fast! Reserve your spot now to experience this night:

New Prospect YD Dooda Is Ready To Share Music With Fans – Check Out His Full Interview

YD Dooda is a new artist to look forward hearing from. As an artist from New Orleans, he created a name for himself. He describes his name as “Yung Dust” from The Ninth ward’s group “Dusty Money”. He becomes apart of their new yet younger generation of artists. He has been influenced to create music from many hardships which includes deaths of family and closed ones. He uses his pain to express through music. He is currently working on his project titled “Live By The Code” for you to look forward to.

One of his favorite moments of becoming an artists is seeing how his fans and supporters react to his creations. His presence is very cool and his drive cannot be unnoticed. He describes his music as unique and prepares us with his talents.

His creative process is described as a turn up while freestyling and writing new music. YD Dooda shares how collaborating with other artists is something to look forward to. He states how he mainly focuses on working by himself. The New Orleans rap culture can become more supportive. Many artists do not work with each other on a wider scale. This becomes an issue with working with other rappers’ egos that can intervene with collaborations. Hopefully going into this new year, this can progress.

YD Dooda want to be a positive influence to the kids today looking to become an artist. Becoming a role model by default can have artists consider their content to be suitable for all walks of life.

Get To Know New Orleans Producer BlaqNMild- NL EXCLUSIVE

The producer and songwriter BlaqNMild has been creating a total vibe with his music across the globe. BlaqNMild began producing in the late 90s in his studio he created in his home. He mainly produces for the urban culture which includes Bounce Music. He has worked with Drake, Young Jeezy, Juvenile, Big Freedia, Megan The Stallion, and many more. He also has a roster of artists under his label Musical Genius.

The Super Producer shares how his childhood growing up in New Orleans became an impact on the creation of productions. He shares how he has a passion for music but also loves the lucrative career he created. One least favorite part of his career is time and taking sacrifices to make it to another level. His catalog shows how the work ethnic created his brand today.

BlaqNMild shares his experience with working with Drake on hit singles “In My Feelings” and “Nice For What”. Both songs have a massive influence of the New Orleans culture and beat. BlaqNMild gave New Orleans music the opportunity to be shared with a wider audience.

BlaqNMild has worked with Megan The Stallion on the hit single “Ride or Die” which features New Orleans bounce article Vickeelo. He explains how much that opportunity to work with female artists in today’s generation motivates him as well.

We look forward to see what he has in store for 2020. The musical genius has set the bar this year, allowing his influence to surface the world. Be sure to look forward to more updates from him.

Chris Reze Applying Pressure On His Sleep Walk’n Texas Ranger Tour

Houston Artist Chris Reze has been creating a name for himself for quite some time. With his style of music, Chris has extended the bar that sets him aside most HipHop artists, especially in Houston. His past projects “8893” to “98 Hours” has shown his consistency in creating good feeling music.

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#SleepWalknTexasRanger Out Now‼️

A post shared by Chris Reze (@thisischrisreze) on

Now with his Latest album “Sleep Walk’n Texas Ranger”, he is setting a tone to look forward to in 2020. There are appearances by Smoke Dawg, Keing Rico, Yung Trill, and more. He has tracks such as “Bet I Be”, “Backend”, and “Reasons ” that has its own vibes. The tape is produced by Drum Dummie. He also has Producer E Digitul creating bonus track “Back To Business”. “Reasons” is another bonus track by $G88. The ten track project has a certain vibe to it, more of something with a chilled effect. You can hear how his city influences his craft of work.

Chris Reze has been on tour and we got the chance to see him live in performance in New Orleans December 8th at the House of Blues. He connected with the live band, having one of the most interesting performances this night. He bought out other fellow Houston artists Team Stackz Keezy (TSK) and OG TBoy. The energy between all artists was good to see, sharing their presence while traveling around different cities.

Stream and listen to his new album as well as view his latest video “Chicken” below.

Meet DesmoTheCrooked – NLM EXCLUSIVE

South Park Houston Rap artist DesmoTheCrooked shares how he has a style of his own. Desmo is currently getting ready to give fans more visuals to their favorite songs. He has a video for his single “Too Much” you can view below.

Desmo describes himself as a reality rapper. He create music about what he has experience in real life and what his friends been through as well. Everyone should expect his upcoming projects to have a variety of approaches with its flows and beats.

Desmo The Crooked was not only inspired by himself but by his friends from his neighborhood. His friends been doing music which made him decide to share his talents as well. With them all living life aside each other, why not give the people what Desmo have to show. One of his childhood friends, BG Kenny Lou, who passed away last year, was a major influence.

Desmo The Crooked with BG Kenny Lou

Be sure to keep up with the artist as he prepares the world with his new music.

Pee Supreme Gifts Fans with New Video “SLIDA” Featuring DJ Chose

Expect all good vibes from Houston female Artist Pee Supreme as she releases a her video “SLIDA” featuring DJ Chose. This is the 6th track from her latest EP titled “Ready”. Pee Supreme is in the holiday spirits as she gifts her fans with a new video on Christmas Eve. What other gift can you ask for?!

Pee Supreme shares a moment with Dj Chose where you can depict strong energy between the two. “SLIDA” is a song to listen to for your lover and/or friend. With the video directed by Thraxx The Shooter, it allows viewers to become apart of the mood Pee Supreme possesses.

Pee Supreme’s style and demeanor charges up as she floats all throughout the video. Her sensual looks with the lyrical presence takes over, which makes her so unique. Pee Supreme had a very productive year with her music. Be sure to expect great things coming into the new year 2020. Let’s start by checking out her new video below:

Trae The Truth Shares Plans For 2020

The Hometown Hero, Trae The Truth, visits New Orleans with Snoop Dogg on the “I Wanna Thank Me” Tour. While he is still on duty assisting helping others, he continue to go hard for fans supporting his music. Trae The Truth has been making a huge impact for his community with his team The Relief Gang. He has the latest album titled “Exhale” and single “Slidin”. He gives updates on his attributes with his impact on Houston, better yet the world.

Trae The Truth discusses what A.B.N. means which is (Asshole By Nature). He also shares how it also symbolizes (Angel By Nature). The Houston artist has done so much within the community that it’s beyond thoughts of what you can think of. With unfortunate circumstances with the weather, a rainy day could literally flood the streets in a second. He advise that the city improves its drainage system so that this can help the rain flows.

While on tour, Trae The Truth manages to continue giving back to the less fortunate. Below you can see him become Santa, brightening children’s smiles.

He gives his city a field day with his week long festivities along with “Trae Day” every year. He has special guests come in supports to give back to the community. You are allowed in the same room with some of your favorite celebrities. Trae Day becomes a great time to network and have fun, especially for the kids.

View Trae’s interview with NolaZine as he discusses more about what to expect in 2020 and more:

Female Artist I’Sis Is Bringing Dope Vibes With New Music

I’sis paints the images throughout her music of what she is feeling. I’sis is a female artist with (U.H.B) Unoriginal Hood Baby. The New Orleans artist describes her music as chilled, factual, touching. Her latest song “Ride For Me” is touching many fans and new supporters along the way. She expresses a heartfelt message that becomes relative to many, especially her city. She also gives you more of her style with project “The Come Up”

The unsigned artist states if she was signed to a label, her first priority will be to copyright all of her music. She will invest in her own studio as well. Allowing opportunities to help you grow as an artist is a great asset. She explains how her music becomes relative to to all walks of lives. The pain she shares throughout her music also brings joys as you listen to her voice.

Not only does she has an amazing voice, she establishes eyelash products called “Icy Lash Trap”. Shifting gears with music to business comes natural for I’sis.

I’sis has created a name for herself through her music. Her presence lightens up any room. Imagine hearing her voice as well. Check out this beautiful soul with full interview with NolaZine TV.

JayArson Breaks Down His Recent Videos and Music

Quality over quantity seem to be truly a valid statement with any creative process. Jayarson actually balances that with his music videos and music projects he has created. Jayarson has several albums from “No Effort” to “In The Meantime 2”.

His growth from these projects shares much about his creative process making music. From “No Effort” becoming self explanatory, taking him no time to create. To “In The Meantime 1/2” the growth comes with its content. As a man he matches himself with his music. Not that he doesn’t speak real life into it, but touch social issues. He shares how he became more vulnerable within his craft.

Jayarson depicts his visual to his songs:


“Mirrors” is about details of his self-reflection. It describes his past issues with substance abuse. Also, it shares how he enjoys his family. Reflecting on his owns issues and not blaming anyone for his actions. It reflected him at that very moment of his recording.


The concept of the video was to share no matter what people say, you can resurrect from that. Showing how you can lead by example and burying your own burden. It shows kingship and leadership. Dope Media helped get his ideas to life with the video production.

With his music and and great videos, he was asked if he feel he may be a step ahead within the music industry. He still feel as though he is unappreciated. He get his inspiration from artists from his early childhood who was here before him. His craft may be more advanced then what we are seeing today. If he was a step ahead he shares that he would be at the top of the game right now.

(Resurrection in comparison to Nas “Hate Me Now Video)

Overall, Jayarson allows his fans and supporters to feel his music even more throughout his visuals. His perspective and message is shared for you can can see how he actually feels. He is reaching for anyone one who can relate to his words. From the young generation to an elderly guy. He want to relate to the real.

DFW Tone Warns Us as he get ready to control the masses

There are several hip hop artists that has dope music but DFW Tone sticks out like a sore thumb. The North Houston Rap artist got some exclusive music to grace the planet with. We are convinced he has some magic touches he add when in the booth. DFW Tone has a project called “DFWORLD” that has a collective of raw tracks. DFWORLD is hosted by DJ Young Samm with appearances by Paul Wall and Tre100. His shares his upcoming project “Never February” to expect in 2020.

Tone describes his style as clean, triumphant, witty, and raw. We agree, after a listen to his music, it all becomes relative. We had the chance to see his creative process before in the studio. He is a force to be reckon with. Tone expresses that the people are thirsty for the real. His ability to create, produce, write, actually rap, and sing separates him from other artists. DFW Tone is preparing to control the masses with his music.

When asked how does he feels about independent artists coming out at this moment he feels as though no one artist is “INDEPENDENT” but perhaps unsigned. As far as the Houston music wave, he beg to differ that there is a wave. There is more of an industry pattern for the content people seem attracted to. Tone becomes an “Underdog” and states:

I just can tell I have become more of a diamond in the ruff and that ruff is what the industry hides under what is popular, etc. This forces me into the underdog role.

Expect a bigger DFW Tone more than ever for the year 2020. Expect a productive, effective musical genius. View Tone’s music below:

Junior Montana Says He Is The New King Of The South – Watch Full Interview

New Orleans has a secret weapon ready to explode the streets. Uptown New Orleans Rap artist Junior Montana has come to the front line to hold the torch for his city. With his straight forward demeanor and mean lyrics, he amazes anyone who listens to him. He has his latest track titled “Right Time” which is a New Orleans bounce song.

He expresses how he is going to be up next in New Orleans to make it pop on the music scene. Junior compares his come up as Lil Wayne did.

I’m The New King of South. Tell T.I. Im not asking for that. I’m taking that.

He feels that artist today just rap with no substance. He states they need to reflect off some throwback hip hop music and learn versatility and structure. Junior seems very certain about this claim of becoming The King of The South and ringing the alarms for everyone to hear.

His music is inspired by artists such as Lil Wayne and Young Jeezy. His style and flow is not distinctive in his opinion. He has am selective melodies where he tap into any genre he likes. He becomes versatile with his sound.

Montana states:

“I don’t write, so it becomes a quick process. I’m like 15 minutes with a verse. In like 2 hours a song is complete. I have a crazy thought process.”

Junior Montana has a video entitled “Reloaded” which he says is self explanatory for himself.

“That’s to let them know I got the flavor like the Hot Boyz”

Junior Montana shares how he hasn’t done any collaborations due to no other artists reaching out. He does state how he would not mind working a few local artists such as Da Kannable, Weed Junkie, Max P, and Jay Jones.

Junior is an artist who is a realist within his lyrics. He stress that he do not talk anything fabricated and speak to the streets. Some artists lose their their identity by rapping about what’s not true. Junior wants the world to know he is next up and expect his wave to hit hard.

Entrepreneur/Actor Lucky Johnson Gives Insight About His Leading Roles In The Film Industry

Lucky Johnson had a great year within his filming career. Being featured in three big screen movies this year, he continues to break barriers in the film industry and the city of New Orleans. Now you can currently see him in theaters in “Queen and Slim” “Semper Fi” and “Black and Blue”. Lucky learned the fundamentals of acting at the age of eleven. Wearing several hats as a director and an actor, he began with his first movie “Block Party” to his first breakthrough movie “Contraband”. Lucky shares how the growth from his beginnings until now becomes a blessing.

Lucky Johnson has been in several movies such as:

  • Queen and Slim
  • Black and Blue
  • Semper Fi
  • Treme
  • Queen Sugar
  • 2 Guns
  • Contraband
  • Kidnap
  • Wards
  • Carter & June
  • Preacher, and many more

He ventured into his own business, The Lucky Johnson Production and Studio. It provides acting classes, theatre, community center, several activities for the youth and homeless. Lucky also also individuals to volunteer at his studio in exchange of acting classes. This drives the youth and people inspired, to work with him even more. Being an entertainer most of his life gave him the idea to share with others who want to work in film. There is opportunity and motivation shared throughout his city with the work he commits to.

As an entrepreneur, Lucky Johnson inspires others to keep consistent and stay positive throughout their journey and success in film:

“Stay true to yourself, go to acting class, be authentic, and work in your purpose.”

The Loyalty Club – Where Fashion Meets It’s Culture

New Orleans has been known for its music, food, and its culture for many years. Fashion has also become a major gateway for the locals to express themselves. The Loyalty Club has surfaced and now making its way worldwide. From Pro football players to your local talents, they have established a brand that speaks for itself. Blizzy and Jarroid are the owners of The Loyalty Club. With mutual friends throughout their childhood, they became acquainted. They then became business partners where a dynasty was created. The Loyalty Club started in 2015. Located Uptown on Fulton Street of New Orleans, it reflects their brand and lifestyle.

Not only is The Loyalty Club about clothing, it’s about the culture. They cater to music as well. They have a record label called The Loyalty Club Sound. They have artists where they broadcast talents and style. They also tapped into Real Estate, showing how young entrepreneurs can thrive in the city. Blizzy states “We going to be the biggest in the game.”

Club Ties which is their docu-series hosted by Matt Fresh shines light on entrepreneurs and creative people in New Orleans. They are sharing the vibes for the world to see. You can check out the first season on YouTube. There are appearances by G4, Maxx P, B Fresh, and Greg Monroe, former NBA basketball player of the Detroit Pistons, Milwaukee Bucks , Raptors, and more.

The New Orleans culture influenced their brand in a major way. They are here in the city showing how you don’t have to leave to share its culture of the city. They received a partnership with New Era, creating a line of hats that reflects their brand. The owners share how support comes a long way. They give back to community back sharing their entrepreneurial process with high school and college students. They share how you can become your own boss with education. They give creatives the opportunity to show their craft. Being open minded to young individuals and sharing their thoughts keeps everyone coming over to their shop.

There clothing has a fresh, cut look where individuals can express themselves through their clothes. The goal is to keep ownership. Some may become big and forget where they may come from. Keeping the light shined on the influencers is second nature for Blizzy and Jarroid.

Be sure to check out their dope clothing line and music they bring upfront to the world:

Meet Drake’s Audiologist Dr. Lana Joseph Ford

Audiology is the science of hearing, balance, and related disorders. Dr. Lana Joseph Ford is an Audiologist from New Orleans who help others with impairments dealing with hearing and speech. She is also the owner of Higher Level Hearing. She created her business to assist with children and adults with these concerns.

Her inspiration comes from childhood memories of being bullied as a child because of her own speech impairments. She suffered for nearly eight years with this disorder. It took only three months of speech services in schools to become completely healed. She stresses early intervention for the young. With her experience with these disorders, it helped her turn this into a business.

She services with hearing aids, tests, evaluations, and rehabilitation. She works with several audio engineers for musicians. She assist with long term hearing issues by consulting with hearing aids and devices.

Doctor Lana has been featured in Forbes, discussing her attributes as an audiologist. She speaks about getting an annual checkup with any hearing issues. She assist with professional services for lawyers and doctors. As far as speech issues, she gives advice to read aloud in the mirror and practice speaking.

An in the ear device helps pump sound and works as a speaker to help with performances on stage. It helps with song quality and artists hear more clear. This becomes very important while in concert. She becomes Drake’s Audiologist and shares how she loved working with the OVO team. She states how it was a great experience and how he became a patient instantly! Working with Drake becomes a highlight of her career. Being able to assist celebrities with their audio performance was a pleasure.

Dr. Lana shares how entrepreneurship and your education equals to financial freedom. She cares to help with sharing her process as a successful Audiologist. She helps with the community by providing services throughout schools, donations, community health fairs, holiday parties and more. Her next goal is to provide a scholarship program. Be sure to follow this beautiful spirited woman by connecting through her social media outlets and more.

Meet The Guy Who Teaches You To “Earn Dat Body” – Moe Flippen Full Interview

A fitness trainer is someone who leads, instructs, and motivates individuals or groups in exercise activities, including strength training, and stretching. They work with people of all ages and skill levels. The creator of “Earn That Body” Moe Flippen and his beautiful wife, Britt Flippen has dominated the fitness game in New Orleans for a minute now. They helped so many to become the best they can be!

Before sitting with Moe, we received a tour of his new location in the seventh ward which includes a fit child care, full juice bar, vegan food truck, full wax salon, nail tech, and even a therapist. This is all on site, which allows clients to have confidence and the assistance during their workouts. This becomes the one stop shop for anyone needing these services.

View this post on Instagram

•SWIPE 👉🏾• Men can have babies too! 😩 For 9 months we have been transforming a 8,800 sqft property into a million dollar baby for birth @earndatbodyfc 😝 myself , @fitwitbritt504 & @gohardjoe have endured stress , Arguments , being “ILL LIQUIDED” aka having no money 😂 because everything was going right back out for renovations. We are 95% complete and JANUARY will be the official grand opening 🙌🏾 Featuring black owned businesses too add few amenities 😜 – •Client Parking Lot – Fit Care/Child Care • – Full Juice Bar @bboisson_ – Massage Therapy @touchmassagetherapy – Car Wash/Detail (COMING May #2020 – Vegan Food Truck @bolingo_ashay MEAL PREPS by @grillmaster_nola – Full wax salon @theboujeebeenola – Nail Tech @duchessthenailfairy – Counselor/ Therapist @wellnessinsideoutnola – Tutor @first_class_tutoring – Full Gym – Large Class Room – 10 Trainers/Instructors – Boxing/Kickboxing Training – •Athletic Training •Multiple Styles Of Training – Shower Thank you to all supporters and some of the most AMAZING CLIENTS IN THE WORLD! Vendors for seeing the vision & everyone who contributed in anyway Thank you to the almighty god for this opportunity to continue to pour into the community & great city of #NewOrleans

A post shared by moeflippen (@moeflippen) on

Mor Flippen shares with us how the culture of New Orleans inspired him to become a fitness trainer. It is hard to stay fit in an environment where there is always great food and drinks. This brings balance into the culture of its own. He shares the different processes to become more fit and also how his clients keep themselves motivated during their life changing experience. Listen to his entire interview below and become familiar with entrepreneur Moe Flippen.

Yung Rexo Says He Create Music For The Struggle – View Exclusive Interview

It’s takes dedication and hustle to be consistent with creating good music. 9th Ward artist Yung Rexo began his own label, M.B.H.G., to dominate the music scene for him and his artists. He states that creating music is for therapeutic release. Going through hardships at a young age, he needed something to help with that pain. What influences Yung Rexo’s music is the reality with what happens with his peers and around the world. His upcoming project called “More Grind and Hustle” is anticipated to be released before the new year.

Yung Rexo see himself in a bigger platform where he can make a lucrative career in the entertainment business. He speaks about how it may be hard to make it to the next level for independent artists. Some at a particular level do not like share to advice to support artists.

Rexo’s day in the studio depends on his vibes he gets from beats or he may freestyle. Rexo mainly writes his music and explains that he has a story to tell. He also looks forward to collaborating with other local artists. Rexo shares with us his new video “What Dey Gon Do”:

Taking constructive criticism for Yung Rexo isn’t a big issue as it is for most. He explains how he takes it well and become open to what others may have to say. Many argue that if you want to grow and become successful, it’s best to leave New Orleans. Yung Rexo shares how it’s all about having room to grow. Discussing that the world is a bigger place. He want to touch the masses with his music. Check out full interview with Yung Rexo now!

Tru Baughber Shares His Story Becoming a Successful Barber in New Orleans – Watch Full Interview Today

Many entrepreneurs have an interesting perspective on what it takes to strive to being the best you can be. At the age of sixteen, Tru Baughber, owner of Tru Barber, began his journey as a barber. Dropping out of school in the 9th grade helped create a pathway to find something he loved to do. Tru is an individual that has a unique style and a connection with his clients. Tru is now located downtown of New Orleans. He believe meeting people personally is the best form of promoting his shop. Social media is a good source for marketing but Tru is a hands on guy.

Tru Baughber has a great talent cutting hair which attracted celebrities to his shop. He has worked with NBA Youngboy, Saints football player Vonn Bell, Eric Gordon, The Pelicans Jrue Holiday, and more.

View this post on Instagram

😈 @nba_youngboy #tru💈

A post shared by Tru💈 (@trubaughber) on

Tru and Method Man

Tru contributes to his community by supplying free haircuts to the homeless. His main goals are to help give to those in need and assist the children as well. He has a passion to continue his mission to make the community a better place.

What inspires Tru the most is watching his clients smile as they leave his shop. He also explains how at times a customer may dislike his service. “It’s apart of having a business” he states. He share advice to others to wake up everyday and go get it. Do not let others manipulate your choices. Nothing comes to a person who sleep. As an entrepreneur in New Orleans, he brings awareness to working and and giving back. This generates good karma that everyone should show gratitude for.

Get Familiar with label tmb reloaded and GET TO KNOW their group “Them” – NLM Exclusives

Team work always make the dream work with latest rap trio “Them”. “Them” are artists are under TMB Reloaded Record Label. The artists consist of Shaddy, Simba, and Kane. The 9th Ward artists has left a mark in their city New Orleans. Their latest projects “Birthday” and “Flood The Streets” match its anticipation from their fans. We linked up at Rare Form Studios and got a chance to talk with “Them”:

  1. When did you start creating music?
    I recently became more serious this year than I ever did.
  2. Who help inspire you within music?
    Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, J Cole, Andre3000
  3. Why did you start to do music?
    Coming to the studio watching my dudes record made me want to be apart of it. I wanted to get the experience.
  4. Explain your creative process, what’s an average day in the studio for you.
    I need my team with me. I vibe from my team’s energy. I mostly write my music ad freestyle at times.
  5. Is there a hidden meaning in any of your music?
    The struggle.
    I didn’t have shit at a point of time. I speak for those people.
  1. What inspired you with the music.
    At first it was fun and games but now I’m serious. The struggle really inspired me. I went through a lot trying to do something right and moved to the next level.
  2. Who help inspire you within music? Jay-Z and Future
  3. Explain your writing process as an artist. Smoke me a Gar, run a few beats, feel the vibes, and zone out.
  4. How do you describes your music?
    Original, Authenticity, Work Ethnic, and My Craft is A-1
  5. Do you feel like artists in your city will support one another? The city is actually broken up,everyone doesn’t know everyone. There is a disconnect within uptown and downtown.
  6. Do you feel like you have to move out of your city to reach a certain milestone in your music career?
    Everybody be cocky, you have to move around. Come and swing through the city and show love. Connect with the people. But there is much more to the world. You have a changed mindset when you leave. You have to think far ahead.
  1. What inspired your music?
    I actually wanted to become a singer when I was young. I couldn’t sing though.
  2. When did you start rapping?
    4th Grade
  3. Who inspire your craft? R&B artists inspire my craft and melodies.
  4. Have you collaborated with any other artists?
    No, but I would like to collaborate with local and out of town artists.
  5. How well do you take constructive criticism?
    I take it as I come. It may stick in the back of my mind but I respect it.
  6. Do you feel like you have to move out of your city to reach a certain milestone in your music career? You don’t have to leave but can be a good idea. You can stay where you want to. There is a lot of hate and jealousy which makes it hard sometime.

Pee Supreme Releases New Video for “I Am The Bag” – Watch It Now

We are loving the vibes from Houston’s female lyricist Pee Supreme. Her latest project “Ready” has set the tone even more within the female rap scenes. Now she has a new video for “I am The Bag” for the fans to see. We advise for everyone to keep up with the artist as she rise within the stars!

“I am The Bag” is an anthem for the ladies to sing and the guys to rock to. The visual sets the tone with fun and pure sexiness. This young lady doesn’t match that voice of hers! She demand your ears to become in sync bar for bar! Once you check the video out, you will understand what we meant by that!

Video director Thraxx The Shooter depicts the artists’ persona, capturing her having a great time. PeeSupreme had scenes from the pool, where her guests are entertained! They went from a back yard boogie to a scene at a beauty parlor with her ladies, all showing the world how to become “The Bag”! There were appearances by DJ SleepyBeatz, DJ Shawny, SEB Hollywood, OG Ron C, DJ Monsta, Pro Boxer Marquis Taylor, J Xavier, and more. Click below for the exclusive view of Pee Supreme’s new video!

Another Win For Pro Boxer Marquis Taylor-Friday Night Fight

Taken by: Doug Photos

“What a time to be alive” after witnessing an amazing fight in Houston at The Arena Theater, October 4th. The Darwin Price Vs. Breidis Prescott fight was presented by Lions Only Promotions and PBC. Anticipation boils as the city awaits the big night for Darwin Price, Marquis Taylor, and Quinton Randall. Victory spreads across the venue as each of these boxers bring home “The Win”.

Our Editor Nyte Lyfe Lexx experiences a new atmosphere where many eat, breath, and live boxing. Friday Night Fight in Houston was a night to remember.

We watched several KOs, defeated, and undefeated matches this night. You can view the stats of the fight at

Our ending adventure was with “Mr Marvelous” Marquis Taylor (11-1-1) He was definitely in beast mode, especially after the hostility during the weigh-in the day before. At the weigh in, opponent Jeremy Nichols chants out “Night Night” and laughs aloud as if this will be an easy win for him. But little did he know. This had to be one of the most interesting fights of the night, which was validated by the crowd. His opening had all eyes on him, as he bought out Super Producer DJ Chose to “Everywhere I Go”.

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His opponent Jeremy Nichols seemed for sure this will be a win for him. As round after round goes, the opponent showed his inability to keep up. Marquis Taylor kept striving to rise up and shortens his punches. The crowd goes crazy, watching every jab thrown. The fight had everyone at the edge of their seats.

From Marquis Fight, it is showed that this is a sport of dedication and the ability to learn your opponents. Mr. Marvelous took the win for his city. He fights hard for his titles and continues to training until this very day! We want to congratulate his team, Southern Heat Entertainment, family and friends for the victory!

Un Kasa Unfolds The Truth About Purple City Bird Gang

Harlem Rap Artist Un Kasa gives us the truth about the real deal of Purple City Bird Gang. The 90s group consisted of Shiest Bub, Un Kasa, and Agallah. It seems that a whole lot of sucka shit was going on with Purple City. Un Kasa explains how the group was actually an act of hate and misfortunes. With fame being the main reasons artists want to be on, it can create demise and have any team break up. Un Kasa shares how Shiest Bub gets on IG live and condems his platform now on Youtube. Un Kasa shares how he was never a hater and doesn’t know why Bub is even speaking on his name.

A few things unfold as Un Kasa expose the real deals behind Purple City Bird Gang. Kasa clarifies he wrote for Bubz, helped them get access to exclusive studios, worked on the whole movement. Kasa and Ag left Purple City for the hate and wrongful acts.

We always were fans of the Dipset and Purple City movement. Un Kasa played a big part in the memories we still capture from its movement. What becomes a disappointment is the stories of the betrayls, hate, misconduct of contracts, and more. Un Kasa states in his vlog that he do not want to remember ever dealing with Purple City nor Dipset. From hearing his side of the story, it gives us a better idea of what artists really go through in real life.

Watch all of his episodes on Youtube below!

Boxer Marquis Taylor announces his upcoming fight in Houston

Houston’s welterweight boxer “Mr. Marvelous” Marquis Taylor gears us up with his latest interview with ESPN’s Akil on podcast ” The Real Deal with Akil”. Marquis prepares for his upcoming fight October 4th, 2019 at the Arena Theater. He explains that this fight is very important as it is located in his hometown. Also, it is the 1st official Lions Only Show in Houston. He sit down with Akil and discuss his past fight for the NABF title from his last fight. He speaks on how there are no excuses and he is ready to win. He also shares his relationship with the Charlo Twins and their impact with his advancement in his boxing career. Be sure to watch the interview below and get your tickets to experience a great win!

Rick Ross Debuts His New Album “Port Of Miami 2” – NLM EXCLUSIVE

Ricky Rozay had his fans patiently waiting for his debut album “ Port Of Miami”. This become the next book with many chapters from the first “Port Of Miami” released thirteen years ago. The album features Nipsey Hussle, Jeezy, Drake, Wale, Dej Loaf, Meek Mills, Lil Wayne, and more.

We all know the King Of Carol City creates the dopest music for every boss. The real question is “Will Rick Ross give the streets what they been missing?” We need to know he is going to keep it a buck and a 1000 with his day one fans and supporters.

After nine albums and a bag full of hits, Ricky Rozay do not have to prove he makes beautiful music. As time pass, the music should be timeless. Let’s see if he keeps up with that and give us what we been missing.

He open up with his current single “Act A Fool” featuring his artist Wale. With production by Beat Billionaire, that raunchy, raw, vibe came soaring. Now going into the album, we expect that momentum throughout the Listening.

Our next pick is “Nobody’s Favorite” featuring Gunplay. This has that street motivation touch to it. Gunplay killed the song and delivered highly. He becomes one of the best features on the project.

“Bogus Charms” became a norm once hearing it. With the duo collaborations of Meek and Rozay, they always tell a story. It’s a beautiful song, true, and heartfelt. Plus Rick loves to make classics. But this collab should have been gutter and trill with upmost disrespect. At least another track for the streets.

You will feel his song “Born To Kill” featuring Jeezy. This track was authentic as Jeezy came with his presence. “I Still Pray” is also a heartfelt song. Lucci and Ball Greezy definitely went hard on this track. The melodies has a chilling effect where you can reminisce.

Listen how he comes on “Running The Streets” with A Boogie with The Hoodie, and Denzel Curry. This collaboration was giving much life to the tape. The production to the flow of both artists was good quality. You can feel A Boogie the most.

Vegas Residency became the ultimate vibe of what we know of “Port Of Miami”. The track was produced by The Justice League. Of course it’s a hard song if they touched it!

Maybach Music VI was a surprise featuring John Legend and Lil Wayne. That’s it? Many will anticipate more from this. The vibes were there but not what we are used to from the Boss himself.

Again, Rick Ross do not have to prove himself to anyone with his huge list of hits. This album shows his progression as an artists, a black man, just a human being. He is transitioning life as success becomes ten fold. But we need non stop rawness. Rick Ross delivered, not just for what we really and truly need. His sound is for feel good vibes. For the dope dealers to get motivated from. Many songs had same parts of production we know from latest projects which is fine. But what truly inspires Rick Ross?

Rick always will have a great catalog of work. From Port Of Miami, Teflon Don, and Lord Forgives, I Don’t. There were some albums that didn’t grasp the attention such as Mastermind or Black Market (Not the mixtape because it was better than everything we talking about right now.) We appreciate Rick Ross line of work. Hopefully he can give us some mixtapes. It may fill that hole in our fan’s hearts. Listen to the album and give us your thoughts.

Pee Supreme Joins In The Nyte Lyfe Podcast As She Prepares The World with Her New EP “Ready”

Episode 4: Exclusive with Houston’s female Rap artist Pee Supreme. She talks about her latest EP “Ready” and her experience while creating music.

Pee Supreme’s “Ready” is a definite vibe for everyone to enjoy. As she prepares the world to get “Ready”, she explains key points of her style, flow, and experience creating her new project. Pee Supreme has joined forces with Southern Heat Entertainment and The Supreme Life Music creating great quality music for the world to hear.

She also shares her motives behind the 7 track EP. She states “the seven flames” which you hear throughout the tape. Straight fire! Pee Supreme is not your average female rapper. She has flow, lyrics, and the presence for every walk of life.

Pee Supreme chats with us about the production which includes Producers DJ Chose and Avo. Both producers created a different feel to her artistry. The teamwork bought everything to life. Her presence on “Ready” was strong and yet sweet with her way to switch up the tones in each track. She has one feature from Seb Hollywood on “Different Lanes”.

Pee Supreme talks about her inspiration behind her campaign “I Am The Bag”. She explains that its not only about money but self confidence you bring about yourself. “Getting The Bag within You”. She signifies women’s empowerment and should be supported by every queen across the globe!

Be sure to check out more from our episode and also stream “Ready” on all major music platforms. Get Ready to be in for a rude awakening!

New Podcast Gives Twist with Informative Topics and Music Combined

We all know blogging has manifested into other avenues to interact with readers and supporters. Now there’s a new launch to the newest edition to The Nyte Lyfe. We now have a podcast called “In The Nyte Lyfe”. The podcast gives you “Real News, In Real Time”.

It brings awareness to music and its culture, community issues, fashion and art, and the urban lifestyles with a twist! Expect the fun and laughter out the show as special appearances are making way. What makes the show set aside from other entertainment podcasts is the updates with relevant news.

The episodes bring up topics that do not get enough exposure throughout new age social media. In The Nyte Lyfe chats about prison reform, 5g and its effects, our community concerns, relationships, and what ever matters the most. Nyte Lyfe are no conspiracy theorists, but some news need to be talked about!

As the new podcast begins , supporters and friends can connect and listen to episodes late Thursday nights. If you are a morning person, have a listen while on your way to work or while in the gym. Be sure to tune in every Thursday night on ITunes, Spotify, and all other podcast platforms to listen.

Hurt Sum’n – New Orleans State Of Mind (Music Review)

Hip Hop artist Hurt Sumn’ has a new album to share for 2020. “New Orleans State of Mind” shares different demeanors from the artist. The album consists of eleven tracks which includes features from Magnolia Chop, Yung Gwop, Sno Mikke, and Rossy. There is also a nice selection of productions by Cam Cortez, Niyo Davinci, Mizz, and Rossy.

The project has different types of vibes from a Caribbean sound to hardcore rap. “New Orleans State of Mind” show how this artist can adapt to other genres with his style.

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The first track of the album is called “Lately” that creates a chill sound for you to listen to. “My Girl” featuring Magnolia Chop and Rossy is a good feeling track for the ladies. “Freebasing” is a sample of LL Cool J’s “Doin It” and New Orleans Beats. He carries the beat well as he flow throughout this track. “Some Nights” is a track that allows you to visualize the street life in the city. “PVO” is the last track on the project. Hurt Sum’n spits lyrics that becomes a motivation of himself and his life. The production becomes one of our favorites.

Overall the album immolates New Orleans fully with the artists choice of productions. While the artists gives nothing but flows and lyrics, you don’t hear any adlibs. This is rare with today’s artists. He made sure you can hear what he says more than anything. He kept it real for sure, not switching up on his truth as a New Orleans native/artist.

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