April 18, 2021


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I wouldn’t be a Gucci Fan without paying dues to the big homie now!!!!! Brrrrr!!!

Well Gucci Mane dropped the 2nd released album, post -prison, and also gave an early treat for fans. The project dropped a few days early as an appreciation to his fans. Smart move buddy!!! Gucci mane is killing the game as always and advise the new rappers on the block to pay homage. Mr. Zone 6 has done it again!!! You can download it free and go to ITunes as well!! Below is the tracklist of Woptober:
01. ‘Intro: F*ck 12’
02. ‘Aggressive’
03. ‘The Left’
04. ‘Money Machine’ (feat. Rick Ross)
05. ‘Dirty Lil’ N*gga
06. ‘Last Time’ (feat. Travis Scott)
07. ‘Wop’
08. ‘Right On Time’
09. ‘Bling Blaww Burr’ (feat. Young Dolph)
10. ‘Icy Lil B*tch’
11. ‘Love Her Body’
12. ‘Hi-Five’
13. ‘Out the Zoo’
14. ‘Addicted’

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