April 22, 2021


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Alief Biggie Talking Mad Sh*T on LTMS.5

Houston’s Alief Biggie new Project called LTMS.5 (Lemme Talk My Shit) is only the beginning of his showcase of music. LTMS.5  (dropped Dec.1) is the introduction of the LTMS Vol.1. Starting the fire with the “Juicy” freestyle, gives the fans to see why Alief Biggie can talk this shit. This project contains 13 tracks where Biggie chews into each one. The project brings energy with AOB featuring King T.R.A.P and Boutte The Fool. One hot track is “Plug Brother” featuring Boutte The Fool and Ghost. He even goes in on Gucci Manes “First Day Out The Feds”. Alief even have heat for the ladies to feel him out with “Perfect” featuring Beautyful Taylor. This work has us anticipating the next project Alief has in store. Go on DatPiff and check it out for yourself.


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