March 6, 2021


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AbSoul’s Release of “D.W.T.W” is What The Game Been Missing

Despite having an album drop same day as J Cole, Tech N9ne, Mos Def, and few more artists, AbSoul came with it on his latest project “DWTWDo With Thou Wilt. Ab is like your favorite rapper’s Rapper. He has dope features from Mac Miller, School Boy Q, Rapsody, etc. This is his fourth album which dropped December 9, 2016. The first track “Raw” (Backwards) a few jabs were thrown at Jay Electronica. Jay threw some shots at Kendrick Lamar and Ab wasn’t feeling that. He states how Kendrick was nominated for The Grammy and didn’t need that energy to feed into and came in to address whatever the issue was on his behalf. The album is dope in opinion because he infer that God may be a woman. He dissects women and show how powerful they are. Women isn’t always a topic of positivity, narrow topic for sure. With his track “Womanogamy” and “Gods A Girl“, you have to pay attention. Ab Soul states he speak with conviction. This is not for the average cat to listen to. You might have e to play twice to catch the bars he eating continuously. Check it Out.

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