April 22, 2021


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Former Clipse Artist “Malice” Gives You A Walk Through on Why He isn’t A Coke Rapping Pioneer Anymore – “The End of Malice”

After watching the riveting “The End of Malice“, it showed how life is so much more than what it can be portrayed to be. Gene Thornton, always known as “Malice” has a documentary on why he parted ways in the Rap duo “The Clipse“. He is now known as “No Malice“, as he found his way searching more out of  life than the fast cars and women. The Coke Rapping Genius gives you his walk through a most wanted life. But he see this will not bring him peace and longevity with God. His brother Pusta T and Pharrell Williams are also in the project describing No Malice as the chosen one. This documentary is a great example of why you should strive for more out of life, learning your purpose for life. You can check it out on Netflix or Revolt TV.

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