April 22, 2021


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The Lox Makes A Comeback nearly Two Decades Later with “Filthy America- Its Beautiful”

We bought awareness to the Rap Trio The Loxs latest LP. Now we are here to tell you why they the hottest out. “Filthy AmericaIts Beautiful” is their third album released together, despite the mixtapes such as a favorite “No Security“. Now partnered with Roc Nation, The Lox is letting the young boys know this Rap Shit is not a game. With their opening of “Omen“, they bring lyrical bars and a choir chant. A highlight to the album is The Lox addressing the people with “What Else You Need To Know“. You can anticipate the work from Pete Rock to DJ Premier. One of the favorite tracks features Fetty Wap in “The Agreement“.

You can even check Mobb Deep out as they are Featured on “Hard Life“. The Lox seems to not be letting up on these cats, especially after listening to “Secure The Bag” ft. Gucci Mane. The Lox has a great way of working together making Authentic Rap music which is what Nytelyfemusic is all about. Go ahead and check it out!

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