May 6, 2021


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“DEEPER THAN RAP” Showcase in SW Houston

Friday, January 27th, Summer Runners presented a Great Showcase “Deeper Than Rap” at Allure Lounge. How could you have a showcase with this title and not have Nyte Lyfe Music Group present! The show consists of some Texas natives that held the city down. DJ M3 and the Fly Institute was present as well.Not to mention, the CEO of Love2JamRadio, Mysslovie and team were present. Artists should definitely tune in to Love2JamRadio where you can get the support and platform for your music.

With performances by Concretee, Jack Boy D, Gxxicah, the place was filled with some dope artists. Also Featured artist on the blog, Alief Biggie was present, blessing the stage. There was plenty of energy and support from the audience. When Gxxicah, Scroggsatx, and his team came, they had the building jumping. Another highlight was to see a Performance from the Summer Runners. With Hotboy Taste Headlining,the anticipation was up by the max. Shout out to the Artists who did their duty to show out. Even the ones we may not have caught.Nyte Lyfe Music will definitely keep the readers tuned in with upcoming events from the Summer Runners.

(Photos via Instagram)

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