April 22, 2021


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JUSTIFIED FOREVHER – New EP “The New York Times” Drops. Listen Here Exclusively!

Artist Justified Forevher, has dropped a hot Ep titled ,”The New York Times“. At first, you begin to wonder. Why does the Houston Native calls it The New York Times. After hearing that raspy yet lyrical sound, you will hear both textures from each South to North. 
Bussing through with “On The Regular“, this Forevher Mix of Meek Mills has opened a major way for you to stay engaged. Which was a cool thing. Her bars after bars kept you wanting to hear more. “Remember The Days” comes on next with a sick beat that catches you. The Zaytoven type of sound is a quick transition song to change things up. Definitely a track the audience could hear and also relate more to. “America‘s Next Top Model“shows Justifieds more sincere side let’s say. “Still Love You… Houston” had a cool melody where you can vibe with no hesitates. 

Overall my key part of “The New York Times” was it was constantly giving new vibes. You may have to get used to her raspy voice to catch her mean wordplay. But that’s the beauty of the young lady giving you a piece of her world. She states the project was inspired and created in New York actually. Where she grasped the swag and mean demeanor of a NY native. Definitely can be spinned for all occasions,which is what Authentic music plays a part. Below you can check out Justified Forevher and hear her last project. Be on the look out for more of the artist.

Listen to The New York Times Ep by Justified ForevHer #np on #SoundCloud


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