April 18, 2021


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Tiffkno Kennedy Got Things Heating Up with Dope Flow and New Single “Selena Gomez”

We have another exclusive Houston Native, who settings the barriers high this year. Tiffkno Kennedy, has her latest track, “Selena Gomez” and giving nothing but heat with this one. With it’s witty Sounds and her dope flow,we can’t deny this song is a hit. 

Tiffkno has been traveling around the world gaining different styles and sounds. As a child, she has been influenced by music. In reference to a video we came across on YouTube, she stated how Salt and PeppersPush It” gave her that drive to want more in music. With her swag, and stylish appearance, she is sure to stand out without any hassle.

We can’t deny that the artist has her own flow. Meeting the artist in person, you wouldn’t think for her to present such authority in her music. Which is the Beauty of Tiffkno. With her latest track “Selena Gomez“, she has definitely taken this to another level for making a hot single. It’s head bombing and driven. You can actually hear what we mean and give your opinion as well.Check out her music exclusively here with links below. Be on the look out for Tiffknos video for “Selena Gomez” which was shot yesterday February 12,2017. We will have the exclusive premiere here!

Listen to Millibando ft Justified ForevHer by TIFFKNO KENNEDY #np on #SoundCloud

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