April 22, 2021


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The “GoGetIt” Duo Are Prime Examples to Never Underestimate! 

The Rapping Duo “GoGetIt” definitely should not be overlooked. Once you hear their latest track “FuckAllOfTheTalking“, you would not believe these guys go hard. Featuring JWizzle (JDubb) and DollaD,these Houston Artists are working towards success.

These Beaumont residents don’t mind taking that skip and hop to Houston to let the city hear this flavor they are giving. With features in UnKutIllustratedMagazine to Interviewing with Mysslovie at Love2JamRadio, they are getting to work. The duo are a more mature breed but can relate to anyone and could feed wisdom through music. They also have a features in some of the hottest mixtapes hosted today.

FuckAllOfTheTalking” is in fact a head banging track. If you ain’t about that life, they are not trying to hear it. We select this track as dope because it shows the duo has actual talent. Look forward into hearing from these guys.

Listen to FUCK ALL OF THE TALKING by J- WIZZLE #np on #SoundCloud

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