April 18, 2021


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 Slugga Gives You A Day of A Hustler in”Push It” (Official Music Video)

We heard some dope music from Baton Rouge’s own Slugga. His latest video, “Push It” signifies the hustle. Slugga has a unique sound and gives you raw music. No coincidence that he is positioned as CEO of Rawthenic Entertainment. This artist gains respect naturally and after a listen to “Push It“, you will see why. 

With the inspiration from Tupac, Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, and Yo Gotti, Slugga has this game on lock. As the video “Push It” begins, he brings you to where it all started. Portrays of him as a child showing his destiny as a beginning breadwinner. Check out The Lengendary Master Ps song playing as intro to the song. Slugga has a very deep Southern style that’s original and you can hear it all in his voice.The video plays out as Slugga maneuvering as he has a beautiful woman monitor the hotel room. I was not sure but the woman switched into another chick. Slugga was showing his mack skills pulling this off. The video plays an image of a movie. This is definitely Street Motivation Music.

You can expect more from Slugga as he will be releasing an upcoming project soon. We will definitely have you tuned in.

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