We are in attendance for Love2JamRadios exclusive city tour. Their latest segment “JAMMIT OR CRAMMIT” was the premiere of what to expect this Sunday, February 26th. Mysslovie, radio personality, has created a platform for artists to be catered for their craft. The Ambassador of Funny, Boris Rillos, is definitely giving plenty laughs throughout the Unplugged Experience.

The talented I Am Jarrel came and gave a glimpse of what to expect for Unplugged.He will also be celebrating his birthday as well. This artist has a beautiful voice that will keep your attention. Love2JamRadio has Nation arriving to bring another feel to the Houston music scene. Nations unique sound and delivery is a must see! 
The home team Mankind Talent Management and Kaivyn Valentyno Designs will be present in support of one the best radio stations based in Houston.

Expect a great showcase where Love2JamRadio will kick off season 2 of the most talented Artists in the city.

Tune in to Love2JamRadio.com for all the exclusive music. 


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