April 18, 2021


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Finessing At It’s Finest- Lewminatti’s “Trill God” Hear It Exclusively

Houston Rapper Lewminatti anticipates to raise the bar with his latest mixtape “Trill God“. This project has 28 tracks and hosted by DJ Never Broke. With his stern demeanor, he brings shit talking to a whole other level.When you can talk your shit, you have to make sure to back each and every word. Lewminatti has proven to his city that he made a way with or without a cosign. That being said, the artist has several check ins where he is vouched for his work such as Kartier with “Its The Pharmacy” Studios. Trill God has its own swag and in opinion, gives motivation for any one who may feel the same as Lewminatti.

In contact with Lewminatti, he just shot the video this week for the single “Money Forreal“. We look forward to have the latest video featured here on Nyte Lyfe Music.

The Mixtape kicks off with the Trill God track, where its gutter beat makes you nod. Love of Money is very catchy and the beat is relative for any one listening and needing that trapping sound. He has other bangers such as Money Bagg ShitNote To Self (which video has over 100,000 plays via YouTube), Shining, plus more.

Lewminatti has had issues with some major recording artists in the city of Houston not creating platforms for other artists. 

His song”Letter to Slim Thug” explains why he feel that this game of music is unfair and Artists needs to be exposed. He has also mentioned why he begs to differ with all the hype about Sauce Walka and his movement. Lewminatti is becoming the voice for the local and unsigned artists who see actually what really is the deal. We appreciate him calling out what’s real.Check out the homie latest projects below. You can follow him on Instagram : @lewminatti & FacebookAnwar Gage.


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