April 18, 2021


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Skratch B Taking Us “Dat Way” With His Latest Track! Hear It Now!!

We watched a live performance at the Netflix and Chill Showcase from the Houston Rapper Skratch B, March 11th. We were caught up in the catchy hook “Dat Way”. The hypeman made sure the audience stayed tuned in. The rapper’s demeanor was demanding and showed his confidence upstage. 

“Dat Way” has a raw feel to its beat. Anyone in the building would say they remember those phrases “Dat Way”. Even though the song was pretty dope in its sense, after hearing the official track, some lingering was caught through the cracks of it. Skratch B has a raspy voice, which made the track become sluggish. Not sure if the mastering was perfected or was it just his voice. You also caught the rapper catching the beat on the hook. Besides that, the Track was nice and you fall right in with the song itself. 

With his video “Forgive Me For My Sins”, Skratch gave us some content and a great message. He made sure to incorporate his music for everyday people which makes it authentic. The video was okay, even though expectations were a storyline for the video. The artist has dope music, now it’s time to have the people envision it!

You can check Skratch B out for yourself with video and the link to music below. We look forward from hearing what the guy has up next!

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