April 22, 2021


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ARedd Blessing Artists In Houston With His Skills in The Studio 

We linked with one of the hottest Engineers on the Southwest of Houston. A Redd is a mixing God! He helped create the vision artists picture of their music. We witnessed his work in 2016 while working with female artist LexxCouppe and we cannot leave him alone. “He was the first to record me, I can’t see me dealing with anyone else!” This guy gives you great quality and clarity for your music. Plus you receive free mixing and mastering for the session.

A Redd has worked with Artists such as Dice Soho, Trill Sammy, Trae, McBeezy, Chedda Da Connect, Johnny Cinco, Rico Reckless, and Killa Kyleon….just naming a few. His rap sheet is pretty hefty. 

You walk into Redd’s studio and see autographs from The artists he has worked with. Just Know the walls look as if there is graffiti on it. Just imagine how much work he has put in. We commend hard work with authentic motives and See Great things coming along the way for the fella. You can check him out at A Redd Recording is Off Harwin and Fondern. Look out for great work from Redd here in the future.

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