April 22, 2021


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Maserratti Nix Eats on his Latest Project “Make A Long Story Short”

We came across an Artist, Maseratti Nix, who suddenly raised the bar with his music. Affiliate of Selected Few, has taken the music scene in his city to another lane. 

The West Bank artist has a project we checked out called “Make A Long Story Short”. Nix goes in on “FreePussy” featuring Cash Money’s Neno Calvin. With his “Scrilla” mix, he ate the song to extreme measures. One highlight, in our opinion, is track “Internet Famous” which dope beat and title itself was bought to life. Another banger, NVR Die, ended making you want more to hear. Bar after bar was given. Maseratti’s lyrics are raw and authentic, which you can hear in his voice. This artist has a stern demeanor and doesn’t mind telling the real. Great to see this artist take his own lane to another level. Continue to watch out for the artist!!



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