April 18, 2021


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Stretch Putting On with “Keep Dreaming Stay Focused”

We got Stretch with CBM Records giving nothing but Motivation from his experience in Life. “Keep Dreaming Stay Focus” is self explanatory. Stretch becomes intimate with his fans. His storytelling behinds living in the Bricks of Marrero to Life experience and family. The tone of his voice gives him a very unique persona. 

Original” featuring Mafiyoso, is a highlight of this EP. “They Don’t Want See It” with feature from TrapStar is also a dope track. Both artists give bars and flow throughout this track. 

This EP is another example of how the West Bank of New Orleans is never Sleep. Some of the most talented comes from here. The grind, hustle, and ambition gives him position to be frontline. We Support the movement! Check out Why!

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