April 18, 2021


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Recap on SeanSolo’s HTX Breakthrough Showcase Exclusively Here!

Any hip hop heads or anyone who lives for beats and production should have been at the HTX Breakthrough Showcase in Houston. Nyte Lyfe Music was in attendance at Chymistry Live April 30th.  
Grammy Nominated Producer SeanSolo orchestrated this dope and live event to cater to the artist as well as producers. There was special Host ESG in the building which elevated the event itself. DJ Red from Screwed Up Records was on the boards. We were with Houston’s Love2Jam Radio where interviews were conducted. Spotlight Radio was also in attendance!

There were both battles for artists and producers. 20 artists and 4 producers battle it out for prizes listed below. Jay Bay won the artist battle and Shadow Black win for Producer. We were able to interview Shadow Black which was really dope and recently did production on Killa Kyleon’s latest “Lorraine Motel”.
This event was very interesting and we Support SeanSolo’s approach on acknowledging producers as well as independent artists.

Stay tuned in for more work with SoloBeats.

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