Love2Jam Radio X Y.B.G Presents:Unplugged Houston Edition 

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Love2Jam is in Full effect of their latest Unplugged Tour in Houston. This past Sunday May 7, 2017, there was a 3-Artist show which formed an intimate setting where the audience can get to know them. The show was located at The Blue Steel Lounge on the North side of Houston. 

With special guest Ms. Dank, her beautiful presence and charisma was given. Comedian Boris Rillos has always had a great way with engaging the audience! The atmosphere of this show was awesome!

With first artists, Kayo and Corey Knight with Hire Ent did their thing sweeping the room with their dope music. Next, there was Richie Kahdon, who was accompanied with another fella as they give a show for their family and fans. We were all waiting to see Quiet Storm “The Lyrical Poet” do his thing with a Lit performance. He did a dope job and the room was pleased by his wordplay. Last but not least, 10 Plus, gave us a dope show ending it with the entire room Rocking! We even had a special guest come through with invitation from Nytelyfemusic, Hoax and Haze! With their latest hit single, “Hit The Maywheather“, they amped the crowd and gave a dope performance! This show was one of Love2Jam’s best shows since we joined this family because of the unity and work given by the crew and artists. 

We definitely have to give thanks to Mysslovie and JB who  presented this to create platforms for independent artists.Stay Tuned in for upcoming Tour dates!


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