March 6, 2021


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The Dirty Tour: Kicks Off with Some of Houston’s Hottest Artists in The City 

Thursday May 4, 2017, was a night to remember for artist performing at Eastdown Warehouse in Houston. Freelabel, Mayes Production, and MFP, presented The Dirty Tour: Chris Reze and Laid Back Jones’s Mixtape Release Party. With the duo’s latest, “8893” this show kicked off the run of their craft. Stay Tuned for their first interview exclusively here. 

With sounds by DJ Princess Of The Trill and DJ Space Ghost, the show was definitely Lit through the entire night!

This Show had a host of artists who performed including Savage Life’s and Lane Gang Vato Gang Tygan Dawson. He was bringing out his new release of 8201: Life of A Bellfort Badboy. 

Also there were dope performances by Hoax and Haze, Summer Runners with Oblivious Jones, Brooke Ashely, Greedy Deesy, Rotten Rowdy, Money Man Smitty, Yung Trill, Young Von and Rex James, Rolls Royce Red, Smurphzilla,Lane Gang Fredo, and a host of more.

This show was this far one of the Best highlights of Houston’s Independent Artists. Majority of artists came with their own waves and gave maybe one of their best performances ever. The energy at the show was great! We look forward to being invited to more these artists events.

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