April 18, 2021


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From The Westide to That Nine… Kidd Kidd and DeeDay Creates Magic with “Blue Moon”

With us being a Native from the Westbank of New Orleans, hearing this collab is music to our ears! RLLNR x ZoneGang and Dozze Presents us with  “Blue Moon” Volume 1. Recording artist DeeDay works with RLLNR and GUnit’s Kidd Kidd making dope music. After a listen, this collaboration was not a surprise on how these talented artists whipped up the potion for this project.

“Block Visit” kicks off with heavy lyrical content from both artists. This track is a nice selection to begin with. A highlight to the tape is “Hold Up” featuring G.Rose. This is a dope track when is in expectation of a hit, in our opinion. Fair enough to say, after hearing that Janet Jackson sample in “Lonely“, this is one of our favorites. Repeatedly, it was played, giving you that all around New Orleans feel. It is relatable to both genders and we sense everyone should have a listen.

Let em Talk” has this crazy crying out laughing skit where Filnobep and a child has a weird convo. This leds to why “Let Em Talk” is the highlight and single of The Blue Moon. The song falls in perfectly. With the norm in society, the hate, lack of support, and happiness of success plays its role for both artists.

With another feature from Livesosa, “Fabolous” is also a track that’s open for all to envision. Ending with a different approach, both Kidd Kidd and Dee Day goes solo. “Savage Mode” is premiered by Dee Day. “Litty” is premiered by Kidd Kidd.

New Orleans and it’s origins of music has played a major impact in Hip Hop worldwide, yet is rarely noticed. Listening to specifics will justify our statement. From throwback to today’s era. We will get back to this on another note. But these two artists has given you talents from both sides of the fence.

This mixtape should appreciated by the city, showing that there is pure talent across the globe.  It was heartfelt, genuine, and cultivating at the same time. Giving that New Era a smell of success from authentic Rap Music. Nothing Fugazzi! Collaborating like this was a level up for New Orleans music scene. We know this was light work for both artists, but what about you?


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