Lil Soulja & Young Juve -Gotta Eat

Lil Soulja and Young Juve is showing the world what it’s like on a festive day in Uptown New Orleans. On Sundays, the city celebrates with second lines where the Indians, different origins of New Orleanians, family and friends, and more comes as one. These two young fellas has created their own lane with the generation today. Expectations from their fathers “Juvenile” and the late “Soulja Slim” are given. Gotta Eat is a track anyone from the city should coincide with. 

Listen as these two goes back to back eating bar to bar. Their flows are vivid and just viewing the video gives you a sense of breath air. Knowing  they are originated from some of the most influential men in the Hip Hop culture.  You even view Lil Soulja taking pics with his father in the backdrop. Check out this video as you see New Orleans culture and legacy is arising with the two artists.


Author: nytelyfemusic

NYTE LYFE MUSIC BLOG is where you envision other aspects of real hip hop, rap, urban trends!

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