March 6, 2021


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We Need Respiration! Killa Kyleon’s Latest EP “Lorraine Motel” Is Giving Back Life

Perception is a way of reguarding, understanding, or interpreting something. The way society has been set up, our perception seems to linger to the opposite of what it is. After listening to Killa Kyleon’s project “LorraineMotel“, this has been an eye opener for us.  He goes in on the perception the people get from the fast life versus real life. After listening to the 16 track project, Killa is one artist who we should appreciate and commend for his work.

We were supposed to attend the Houston’s past show “The Evolution In Stereo ” but unfortunately could not make it. Indeed this was a great show for Houston. Killa Kyleon’sLorraine Motel” is definitely needed as he breaks silence to what really matters the most in society for Blacks. He speaks on equality, modern day slavery, social epidemics, racism, and so much more.

“What Do You See” featuring Jack Freeman, is a story of black lives and the injustice created and designed to destroy our black families. He speaks on the accountability of our actions, not sticking together, to the Hate crimes we place upon ourselves.

“Killing Over Jays” is a definite highlight of this project due to its message and how much material things can effect you as a whole. All ages, should hear this song as he describes the epidemic behind these shoes “Jordans”. “Where Micheal Jordan when you need Him” is quoted throughout the chorus. The sacrifice, repetition, and irony of how the generation feeds into material objects bothers the artists as he speaks truth behind it all.

“Trust Me” featuring LilBrent catches your ears. “Do It for the Gram” is hollered. Slave mentality is mentioned. Perception is yet a keyword behind this song. Including “Skin is My Sin”.

Of course we love “Strong Black Woman” it is advised that women listen to this as he says you are appreciated. Appreciated for doing what’s right as Mothers and women going against all odd. Not idolizing the fad of what women are thought of to be.

There are features from Rich Andruws, Jack Freeman, Lil Brent and Scotty ATL. 

The entire “Lorraine Motel” has a different approach. He spit plenty bars as well as blessings. Each song and topic is necessarily needed! He may say “NIGGA” plenty times but each time has its meaning. The jewels given are for anyone to receive. Very refreshing and sounds were a good selection. This artist speaks great knowledge plus the sounds should soothe the listener.

This modern spoken truth has raised the bar. Killa Kyleon has taken it to higher estates. Showing you how Authenticity out lives the bull fed to us. We appreciate this EP and will continue to hear from the artist.

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