April 22, 2021


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Hypno Carlito’s “Never Say Never Again” Tour in Texas

The Hypno Carlito Show was presented by Top Level and Paradise Promotions in Houston. The Texas tour opened in North Houston at The O Bar. The show also featured Oscar Nominees from the Spike Lee FilmsCountry Boys“. There were a host of other great artists who came to kick off the tour. When we heard Carlito was in town, we had to go and check him out.

Hosted By Queen Gang and Ms.V and Haley Hustle. There was Scrapp and DatDamnMonty The Comedian on the Mic getting the crowd jumping. They also had DJ Nick The Quick spinning on the 1s and 2s.

The show had a great atmosphere for artists to come and be themselves. It was great for networking and connecting with people in Houston’s music industry . They also had Special Guest “J.Bachelor” with Hip Hop Weekly Music! Indmix was in attendance as well, capturing dope shots shown below. We were pleased with what all the talent that was in the room!

Artists gave a great show featuring King Ramonn, Mayo (Kid), $hoota, It’s Guch, Young G’s, Solid Shit Only, Mr. Wired Up, King Don Da Da, Hood Kats, Justified, Magno, Marco Bands, Chuck Trill, and Sumo and Devine. 

Hypno closed the show playing tracks from both previous and latest project “Never Say Never Again“. Tune in for the exclusive review on this mixtape as well. Chicago came for a takeover for a night Houston! For additional information on event, you can contact Paradise Sanders paradise378.js@gmail.com.

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