April 22, 2021


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Rickie Blow Comes to The World With His Latest Project “I Borrowed My Fried A Buck and Bought Myself an Elephant”

We linked up with Atlanta Artist, Rickie Blow, through social media and now pleased with his talents. With latest album “I Borrowed My Friend A Buck and Bought Myself An Elephant”, you can definitely hear that he has a third ear.

Rickie has no disappointments in this project. He kicks it off with now a favorite, “My Life” explaining his struggles to his rising success as an artists, parent, and human being. With the excerpt from Future at the end, it just coincides with Rickie’s purpose.

“High Road” featuring Myra Sky is a highlight to this project. It is very beautiful and speaks on rising up. Rickie and Myra both have a testimony. This has gave us more reason to listen to this authentic artist.

We also thought “Wheels” featuring Jeanz was dope including its beat. He has another dope track with Jeanz called “Murcielago“.

Overall, we advise people to watch out for Rickie Blow. He has taken his music to another level, where all can enjoy.

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