April 22, 2021


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Hypno Carlito’s “Never Say Never Again” Is Buzzing Exclusively Here!

What a pleasure to meet with one of our favorite Chicago Artists Hypno Carlito, weeks ago here in Houston! With his latest project, “Never Say Never Again”, he illustrates how things has transitioned. He is an OTF Artist, and also An Oscar nominated songwriter of a Spike Lee Film. Always was a fan of his last work “Never Say Never“, he just came back and did it AGAIN!

Energy” is the first track listed here on “Never Say Never Again”. Hypno had us befuddled for a second. After a few listens overall, we noticed that this artists sings and raps at the same time! He has a great voice. And his sounds are very unique, which differentiates him from any other artist. 

Had Your Back” featuring Lil Durk and Trae The Truth was heartfelt for any street individual. You felt the pains and lack of loyalty that these artists may witness all the time.

Fuckin It Up” featuring Sfera Ebbasta is a hit! We appreciate the different tones and sounds created in this track. The content is dope and the creativity behind it.

The Highlight of “Never Say Never Again” in our opinion is “Nobody Listen”. Which is shown below for your review. This track has a sound that could have you in remembrance. It is very relative, and inspiring. Hypno Carlito is like no other artist. He has created his own wave, very humble, yet a beast.

His features includes: Lil Durk, Trae The Truth, Rockie Fresh, Lud Foe, YFN Lucci, Johnny Cinco, YFN Trae Pound, Sfera Ebbasta, and Yung Tory.

We commend both features from OG Project Pat and OJ Da Jucieman.

Last, a favorite, “Love Me No More” is a song for everyone who can relate. Beautiful and unapologetic sounds comes from Carlito as he masters his craft both singing and rapping. You have to give this Artist a listen to see the vision of talents. Check him Out and see why he up next!

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