March 7, 2021


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SZA Speaks For Ladies Across The World with “CTRL”

First Lady of TDE, SZA, has finally dropped the refreshing yet raw album, CRTL. The Jersey R&B singer bought a sound women across the globe can relate to. She has set another bar by expressing emotions most women would not. This beautiful lady has been added to our playlist!

“CRTL” dropped this Summer, June 9th, 2017 by TDE (Top Dawg Entertainment) and RCA. SZA’s voice gives all positive vibes, including her sensual taste to each song. “Love Galore” featuring Houston’s Travis Scott has been on repeat for fans. We heard the raw track “Dove in The Wind”, featuring Kendrick Lamar. This track represents how powerful women are to the world and specially men. We also fell in love with “Prom”, “Supermodel”, and “Broken Clocks”.

SZA bring some controversial topics to the table in “The Weekend”. The song is definitely a side chick anthem. She sings “I just keep him satified through the weekend”. Which explains much being the woman behind closed doors. She speaks on how selfish of her to be in love with a man in a relationship. The title and the lyrics are more in depth then your average song that’s subject related. 

“20 Something” is also a song related to accountability of running away from situations as women. SZA states how she has ran away from love, and having nothing in her name as a young lady. It’s rare to hear because we are used to hearing all the glamour things an artist do beside taking that accountability for self. Especially at an young age. SZA has empowered young ladies by saying to accept facts of immaturity. How being alone at 20 something seems shameful. This is a dope song to listen for anyone to relate to.

Highlight of this album in our opinion would be “Love Galore” featuring Travis Scott. This is also her latest hit single! The melody and soothing sounds of SZA’s voice signifies that track itself. With Travis Scott on the track, it adds more to the storyline. 

Overall, SZA solidifies authentic Artisty for women in the industry. It became stagnet to express life experiences and feelings that are important. SZA has also expressed sexual freedom in several of her songs. It describes how intimate she is with her fans.

SZA is up next for the new and current generation. The authenticity of her voice and lyrics grasps people from all walks of life. She has a different approach from most R&B singers mainstream. We appreciate the craft of a young black queen and look forward to hearing more.


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