April 18, 2021


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OSE Bought The City of Houston Out with “Welcome 2 The Land” Tour – Nyte Lyfe Exclusive 

Nyte Lyfe has been stationed out in Houston for quite some time, seeing some of Houston’s Hottest and most talented Artists that reflects the hip hop Authenticity and culture. After meeting with Miss Megann with iAssist, she insisted we come to their Industry Mixer at EnclaveRecording Studio. This particular song “Back Then” was playing that was heard before. Then to notice this gang of men, called Nawfghanistan, been tearing it up with dope performances and their tracks. We had to introduce them to our readers!

We were invited to one of the Dopest concerts in Houston this Summer. July 26, The OSE (One Solid Empire) presents “The Welcome 2 The Land” Tour at WarehouseLive. With OG Ron C, DJ Micheal 5000 Watts, DJ Young Samm, and DJIndurance INDMIXX were on the 1’s and 2’s. We had LexxCouppe join with Ms. Paradise with Paradise Promotions and Happy Bootz as they all enjoyed to see these young guys show off their talents with their city. This show was one of our anticipated events to attend.

There were special performances by Mr. WiredUp, Dead End Redd, Martez and D Bando. With appearances by Yung Ruler and Stunnabam.

Photos by “RocShotDat”

The Line Up of OSE is crazy! This includes:

  1. Tha Natural
  2. Eskay
  3. Sleep Dawg
  4. J-Stead
  5. Stackdat Keezy
  6. D-Black
  7. BalleyBoy
  8. T-Boy
  9. Kab The Don 
  10. Yung Blaze (Fungshway Kid)
  11. OTB Fastlane

Shot By Dough Visions
Photo By “RocShotDat”
Shot By Dough Visions

These artist joined forces and created a movement “Nawfghanistan“. This reference to the group residing from the north side of Houston. You can concur it’s a war out there, which simplifies them stamping this brand. We were enthused with the involvement with their family and fans. At the beginning of the show, Kab The Don made statements on how Houston needs to come along. “Look at Houston coming together”. This was dope for from how Houston’s support between each artist is stagnet. We agreed with the artist and this show bought some unity in our opinion. Tha Natural performed his hit single “Get A Bag” which also been added to our playlist. This artist was able to become intimate with his fans. We’ve heard this song several times before actually knowing who the artist was which was cool.

Overall the show was pretty Dope. The entire audience was light up as well as the stage. The most important part of the event was the unity and presence of these gentlemen getting work in. We look forward for more from these guys.

Photos by “RocShotDat”
Photos by “RocShotDat”
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