April 22, 2021


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Say Hello To The Editor: LexxCouppe “CEO of Nyte Lyfe Music “

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Im LexxCouppe, the CEO and writer of Nyte Lyfe Music Blog, which brings us here today! 

I am also glad to announce our most recent position with Freelabel Music, Austin based digital outlet. I am now your A&R for Southern States Louisiana and also Houston. Stay tuned as this new transition take course! 

I am so excited to share my passion, gifts, and gratitude with the audience. We truly cater to all things Authentic in the Hip Hop Culture. What God enstilled in me has to be shown and to help others become motivated! I’ve been to several shows to several studio sessions, analyzing the works of artists who has a purpose and motive to help others. I believe it’s a known fact for us believers that we create our own destiny. I am here to help others see that destiny. 

Since elementary school down at L.W. Ruppel, I used to listen to rap music to wake up and go to sleep. I was a bit tomboyish so the love for music wasn’t always love music. I needed motivation, and drive. And all these rappers talked about was getting to the money or how to gain respect, and never let the haters in the way, right? With being a long time fan of Jadakiss, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Tupac, Jeezy, Fabolous, etc., I’ve always had a sense for Dope music. From reading the credits on back of albums to seeing what samples were made to produce these sounds, was just a hobby to me. I’ve always been a hip hop head and from me only being 26 years old, my generation became distant to the real hip hop that isn’t given as much today. I stayed true to what was real music to me.

As I become more in tune with myself, I began to think maybe I should bring awareness to Real hip hop music! After an encounter with a Houston Producer, I asked to search for Mobb Deep’s “Quiet Storm”. Of course this supposed to be “OG” producer did not know that song and complained the beat was raspy. Not for him to even think this is a classic throwback!!! This created me into a monster, I was furious! So I began blogging about what music should be heard and given Homage to. Which is another reason why we are here today!! 
Blogging about music helped me gain my sanity. Last year in October 2016, my life was not in a great state, in my opinion. I suffered from depression, and stressful situations got in the way of my life. My nine year old son should not have witnessed my Break downs to just wanting to give up. I began writing about music that helped and motivate me. Just to hear a powerful figure make music that most ignore, made me want to give reason on why they are some of the best! Now, I am in position to help artists create content by our analysis of their work.

I won’t hold you guys too long but to thank you for allowing me to share my life and love with you all! I will continue to make effort to let Authentic Hip Hop music take over this force! Trust me! 

By the way, check out my Visual to one of my favorite artists, Dave East “Can’t Ignore” Mixx. I bet some of you didn’t know I can spit as well! Check Me Out.

God Bless,

Alexander Carter 


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