April 22, 2021


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Westbank Artist Pittx Just Released Offical Video of “Turn State” Exclusively on Nyte Lyfe 

We came across a New Orleans Westbank Artist , Pittx, and viewed his latest visual of “Turn State“.  With production by $on Productions, the depiction of turning state was highlighted throughout the entire video. If you understand the title, you would understand the pain and anger you hear from Pittx’s voice.

Based on a true story, the Artist gives you his experience and morals of being from the streets of Marrero, known as “The Bricks“. Pittx gives you the brief dialogue of what loyalty means. When you live a particular life and become exposed to it, there are codes to the game. And snitching is definitely not apart of it. That’s why his project is called “Turn State . This is not condoned in his city, yet many fallen short from this betrayal, as they would say in the streets. 

You can hear in his voice how disgusted and how much pain comes from dealing in the streets and having your man go against your principles. As he depicts himself as a preacher at Hope Haven Church in Marrero, he tells his own truth and explains the repercussions of being a rat or a snitch. Pittx represented well as a Man of his word, dignity, and morals. We look forward from hearing more from Pittx. Westbank Stand Up!

Pittx “Turn State”
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