April 22, 2021


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Has Dave East Evolved With Latest Album “Paranoia: A True Story”

Following up with the Harlem’s gifted, Dave East, has given us faith that lyrics and skills still exist. Before his last project named after his daughter, Kairi Chanel, we’ve seen the hunger and pain the rapper possessed. Now with his highly anticipated album “Paranoia: A True Story“, do you think the rapper has grown with his talents? Or as a person in general? We came across some comparisons of the Dave East from “Black Rose” to Dave East with Def Jam.


Dave has given us 13 tracks to take in for this year. “Paranoia” depicts the artists experience as he transitions into the rap star. You can see he doesn’t live a normal life in the hood as he was used to. As we see his new blessings, it still comes with devils as his trusts begins to thin including being a new father. 


Many inferred Dave East signed to Def Jam. Recently on The Breakfast Club, he cleared that statement by saying how he has partnered with both Mass Appeal and Def Jam

He has dope appearances by: Young Jeezy, Wiz Khalifa, Chris Brown, French Montana, and Nas. We all know Nas was a huge reason of Dave East’s appearance in the Hip Hop world. He became his mentor and executive producer of projects. Dave even had production by 808 Mafia, Harry Fraud, Amadeus, The Breed, and more. 

Beginning with song “Paranoia” ft. Jeezy, he gets 808 Mafia to break down the heavy dark beats for you to feel it. 

The Hated” begins with a skit with home town hate from Dave’s city. Then the track meet begins with Nas stating that people is going to hate regardless of what you are doing. The storyline is raw, and beat captures you throughout the song. He even stated “They hated Jesus, hated Malcom, hated Martin”.

Phone Jumpin” ft. Wiz Khalifa has a consistent flow with a sick beat. Their collaboration coincide quite well. We especially know they both stayed blunted the entire time!


His single “Perfect” with Chris Brown is definitely for the ladies. Dave admits to its commercial approach but his music is mostly gutter and raw. Which can’t always be the appropriate lane for radio. This song is very cool, yet hard, as Dave and Chris gives in depth visions of sexual thoughts of women.

Found A Way” resembles sacrifice, pain, struggle.  In the song “Wanna Be Me” , at The Breakfast Club he stated “Money bring more problems“. Once making to a point in life where you become capable financially to make moves, your family and friends expectations increase.

In “Maneuver” he has French Montana come and kills the collaboration. Produced by Harry Fraud, the song becomes a select favorite. 

My Dirty Little Secret” is Dave’s interpretation of what a sexual relationship with his lady friend is like and can be like. The affairs, lust, down to “don’t nobody Gota know“. He showed his freaky side as he gather more and more women fans.


In conclusion, we noticed growth from East since his early stage as a lyricist. In opinion, this project did not compel same or more heights as the Kairi Chanel. Our expectations are not met but it was still a given. Now with his leveling up as a mainstream and New York prodigy, he has taken the city to more limits. The approach of his album really didn’t depict the Paranoia he proclaimed. Despite that, we have understanding that this artist has a renewed life! And see things in a totally different spectrum. He has grown into not only a more well rounded guy in the industry but now as a father, a care taker, and for some a mentor. He gave plenty Motivation through this project. This album hasn’t been out an entire week and he has made it to the number 1 spot. We quickly awaits his next move! Much Love!

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