March 7, 2021


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No Malice Explains Quite Clear, The Transition of His Purpose: “Let The Dead Bury The Dead”

After hearing No Malice’sLet The Dead Bury The Dead”, the conclusion of this title can keep you stagnant. After further listening and research on the artist, No Malice has became a God Fearing man with a way to connect to the streets. As former member and brother-duo “Clipse“, the transition within his name brings explanations as well. As the artist leaves the Hip Hop facade alone, he has become a bigger public figure especially for his state Virginia. Read and listen closely to his words as he depicts the actuality of our world today. 

No Malice describes latest project as “Necessary”. Through times of our generation not aware of what takes place today. As we all would insist on hearing verses from his brother, Pusha T, No Malice has no features. Listening to the album, you receive a suspense of a collaboration with Pusha. He gets in tune with his sound but the power of his words take over.  

Fourth track on the album, “Jesus Christ“, he gives a warning to the our generation. His chorus chants a warning to the dope boys. You can tell he has found a way to become relative his audience. Even the beat reminds you of what a Clipse track would sound like today. He tends to stick to that root yet sends a message of God:

Get it from the horsemouth get your thoughts out, Labels got em like Lamar Dead sleep in a whorehouse! Did not you know? Freedom come with salvation, False prophet I spot you like a dalmatian, Final destination be aware of what you headed for, I ain’t gotta burn any bridge that’s what hell is for!

His bars are filled growth, maturity, truth, awareness, and God filled knowledge. Many do not attend churches anymore. To have a well known lyricist make a transition and still come hard is rare and should be shared with the Hip Hop culture.

VEVO: No Malice

Sky Crack
begins with a hard piano including No Malice explaining his position as a Rap Artist and a Dope dealer. He learned and now states he now “Hear The Horns”. 

Y’all done got too far gone betta’ act like you can hear horns, I hear the horns, I’d consider myself warned especially if you can here da horns,I hear da horns,I’m woke like it’s early in the morn seem to me some of y’all still snorin’, I hear da horns, Like the calm before the storm mean to tell me that you don’t hear dem horns please, I hear da horns

He gives it all away for a pure life. He even speak about how he would love to be aside his brother. But he has another purpose now and that’s to speak to God’s children. Not to get all religious, but his words are very much needed. Especially with the trauma out youth is receiving with the tactics in hip hop today. You can hear how serious he his, and how dedicated he is to music. We are thankful that he still stake this route with music. We can enjoy truth and dope rap music at the same time.

Envy said Mal, “you don’t miss da money?”
I said nigga is Bermuda sunny?
My brother Push was my only buddy, I wanna join him now but the cross bloody, Cudi I know a cure for depression homes, Look to Word it’s written in stone, I love my brothers I would never steer em wrong, They empty inside livin’ off bread alone, My first mind was to grab the bag, I see why Judas said y’all can have it back, In fact money ain’t the root, it’s the love of it, How can you ever get the joke if you da butt of it,  Hurry escape jail, judge, and jury if they could hang you wit your own jewelry, 

Cause “The rich mans ransom is his life, The poor man has no worries.”

The title of his album speaks volumes as well. “Let The Dead Bury The Dead.” That being said, let those who gave it all…not to God be. No Malice is right. We have faith the artist will set this in stone.

No Malice ” Let The Dead Bury The Dead” Tracklist
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