April 22, 2021


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Trina Chops it Up With Drink Champs: Revolt TV

We are obsessed with The Hip Hop Podcast “Drink Champs” hosted by Nore and DJ EFn. The podcast is based in Miami, Florida where they featured legendary artists such as Trick Daddy, Rick Ross, Uncle Luke, and several others from all over the states. It would have not been right if they didn’t pay homage to the Beautiful queen herself, Trina. With 17 years in the music industry, we all know her as “The Baddest“. She came and chopped it up about her take on the past and current music industry and cameos with artists. She also talks about being a powerful black woman in a male dominant game. She showed how she can never be stopped and still got the game in a choke hold.

Trina / Instagram

Trina came in Drink Champs with all intentions on keeping it 1000 with the viewers. As intimidating as she may look to some, she seems to be a pretty cool chick. As flawless and ambitious as she can be! 

@goggleishuman via Instagram
@googleishuman via Instagram

She speaks about her very first recorded track with Trick DaddyNann“. Her experience was basically her jumping on Trick Daddy song just for fun. The labels and Trick insisted she sign. She was not with that hype and didn’t think to become an artist. She actually was becoming a Real Estate Realtor! Trina explains how she was a “girly girl” and just wanted to have fun with her friends. She was into the R&B such as Janet Jackson and Salt and Pepper. 

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Trina explains how important for women to remain strong in the Hip Hop industry. Her advice to female artists is to remain unbothered and unfazed. It’s where you cannot allow things to hinder your energy and ability to move forward. “Things happen to us everyday”. She also stated how and why would women have a hate towards her but men as well. With her chill and welcoming attitude, it remains unclear.

Nore, Trina, DJEFn via Instagram

As she speaks on her relationships with Florida Artists, she chimes in on how her and Rick Ross became basically family. She states she helped Ross get on. She was offered a project to do for Ice Cube, not knowing who to give the opportunity to work with her. Ross showed her his grind and ability to work. Instead of giving it to Trick Daddy, who was already famous, why not give it to Rick Ross. The fact she wanted him to get on the road and see him push through with their team was pretty dope and inspiring. She states how DJ Khalid truly embraced the entire Miami and supports her until this day.

This podcast episode viewed way much more than a pretty sit down with Trina. It showed how much respect she is given as an artist and entrepreneur. Drink Champs is such a great outlet for people to view the authentic side of an artists. It also bring storylines that presented Culture-shocking events. Check out Trina’s video including episode below.

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