April 22, 2021


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“Hip Hop Helps U” Gives Back To Houston Through Recovery and Music For Hurricane Harvey

During the devastating Hurricane Harvey, we experienced distress as we witness the people of Houston go through pain. As an media outlet for artist in the city, we wanted to figure what way to help while doing we love the most! We have teamed up with Hip Hop Helps U and created a strong force to give back to the communities in most need. Hip Hop Helps U donates directly to the families in most need and help restore recovery after disasters. This is thus far one of the best organizations to donate to, knowing that your help will be with great purpose.

Instragram/ Hurricane Harvey

Donations are given to those who are in need in Port Arthur, Corpus Christi, Houston, Galveston, and Beaumont. 

Hip Hop Helps U has some of the most influential men and women in Houston that are in the music industry. Especially supporting the local and underground artists. Here below are a few that joined the movement :

  • Fiya The Media Mogul & Honey Allure with Street 93.3
  • Designer/Founder of The Happy Collection & Happy Bootz Television 
  • Boss and Tina with Bossy Inc & S.U.C (Screwed Up Click)
  • MC Neicee Love with Openn Radio (Street 93.3)
  • T Buddy with T Buddy Radio (Street 93.3)
  • LexxCouppe, Editor of Nyte Lyfe Music
  • Paradise with Paradise Promotions
  • Miss Megann with iAssist 
  • Female Artist Bosslady Jaye
  • Boss Diva with Touch Of Class Enterprises 
  • Sassy with Sassy Girls Designs

August 30th, they developed a food and clothing drive for Hurricane victims at The Enclave Studios in Northern Houston. There were a host of artists and donators coming along to gather items. Artists such as Dead End Red, Tha Natural, Peppa Don, Chris Reze and DJ Space Ghost, The Twins, Videographer Orbit, and Unique In The Streets. The Blue Steal Lounge was another point of contact to bring donations as well.

Shot By Tina w/ Bossy Inc
Shot By Tina w/ Bossy Inc
September 3rd, Hip Hop Helps U was at The Screwed Up Records facilitating a pick up location for people with need. The Motivation out of Boss, LexxCouppe, Tina, Honey, and Fiya was amazing! These ladies came to together and gathered people around the areas affected. 

Shot By Tina w/ Bossy Inc
Shot By Tina w/ Bossy Inc

The overall goal was to help the most affected, especially in neighborhoods that received little to none attention. The power of music played a huge part as well. These groups of people came together and made an action towards their cities’ mishaps from the storm. 

Bossy Inc’s Sekret
Shot By Tina w/ Bossy Inc

We would to give much love to Ms.Fiya and Honey Allure, as they lost everything. But yet worked the hardest to make sure others were helped as well. Having to witness Katrina in New Orleans, we had no choice but to do the ground works. Our people are most affected, yet received less. Hip Hop Helps U is self explanatory. Use your gift and skills to touch, reach, and help others. 

Radio Personality MC Neicee Love with Openn Radio

Hip Hop Helps U is also giving incentives to artists who would like to make a donation:

$50: 50% off radio interview with Street 93.3 and Graphic Designs by Bossy Inc or iAssistGraphics.

$100: #hiphophelpsu wristband, 50% off radio interview with Street 93.3, and mention of sponsorship through social media.

$500: #hiphophelpsu T-shirt, feature in Houston Style Magazine, one month commercial run with Street 93.3, Press Release, and certified letter of contribution.

Founder of Nyte Lyfe Music LexxCouppe

At vulnerable times like this, EVERYONE should be focused on what matters the most. There were many of folks using this time to engage with people for all the wrong intentions. Some things most would not even think was intentional. Nyte Lyfe Music is all about bringing awareness to the real and what actually serves our people in the Hip Hop community. Us as people, of all races, culture, and diversity should take a stand on helping our people. We will keep you guys covered with the latest from our partners with Hip Hop Helps U.


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