April 18, 2021


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Kevin Gates Drops “By Any Means 2” As Fans Anticipates His Release

Kevin Gates has definitely raised the bar once again with his mixtape “By Any Means 2“. As we all may know his current circumstances, the Lyricist gave us a dope piece of work while behind cell walls. Gate’s wife, Dreka, shares the project while he serves his 2 and a half year sentence. This shows the motivation and his love for music and his fans.

Kevin’s unique distinctive sounds and wordplay always give you a vision. This is one attribute we truly appreciate! “By Any Means 2” is filled with 14 tracks with no efforts! Kevin becomes versatile and becomes relative to his entire audience.

With only one feature, PnB Rock, they create something exclusive, “Beautiful Scars“. The mixtape shows how creative Kevin Gates can be, no matter what the obstacles are ahead of him. The B.R. Native has created another barrier between himself and other rap artists. Never a doubt, that Kevin’s music is played when a different sound or word needs to be heard. This created his own lane. His project depicts pain as well as love. He acknowledges authenticity all throughout his music. Giving you a timeline through his words, without you having to sometime sense his pain. He symbolizes strength and courage.

Check out his exclusive mixtape and give us your opinion. We salute Kevin Gates and wishes him nothing but love and prosperity.

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