Curren$y Gives Us Project With Lex Luger “The Motivational Speech EP”

What a great time for Curren$y and Lex Luger to drop their latest creation, “The Motivational Speech EP“. These two guys made a potion full solid sounds and vibes. The New Orleans Artist, Curren$y has definitely kept it real with his fans by updating more music to scenes. His relaxed demeanor and swag on the tracks keep you in tune.



With his latest video “Pressure”, its steady applied. The smokey scenes, and Lex Luger’s production comes along on point. With both of their personalities, you know for sure those sessions were light up. It is always dope to see one of the most influential producers to create music with Spitta. Lex definitely captured Curren$y’s yet New Orleans’s voice. The Motivational Speech EP is an unique compilcation with two masters in mind. It should not not be overseen due to its effortless sounds and lyrics. You will have it on repeat.

01. Get to It
02. Lavendar
03. In the Lot
04. Pressure
05. I Know
06. The Field (Feat OJ the Juiceman)


Author: nytelyfemusic

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