March 6, 2021


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Migos Drops “Motor Sport” with Nicki Minaj & Cardi B – (NLM Exclusive)

The internet has been stirring noise about this new track with The Migos. The fact both queens Nicki Minaj and Cardi B are featured, guarantees the fans to listen, listen quite well.

Everyone wants to know what Cardi and Nicki was to say! At a time, we were under the impression that these ladies weren’t too fond of each other. With “Motor Sport, these ladies had to be throwing jabs at each other. Do you think so? From our opinion, shots could have been throwned throughout the song.

To be honest, the fact of these artists uniting on “Motor Sport” is a win for them. They are giving the culture what’s needed working together on this note.

Besides that, the ladies showed out letting it be known they killing the game. Migos definitely came out of their bag with this one.

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