March 6, 2021


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Cam’Ron Gets Right To “The Program” with His Latest Mixtape

Before the year ends, Dipset’s own Cam’Ron releases some heavy Harlem swag in his mixtape “The Program“. As excited as we are, we infer that Diplomatic heads will be glad that this artist stuck to his roots. This will be his first mixtape dropped in four years.

Released by Killa Entertainment, the mixtape has fifteen tracks. With production by by Araab Musik, Just Blaze, Dollavision, ADM, Rek, JB Music, and more.

He features the young talented Don Q, which set the track “Hello” on fire. Cam blessed us with an original Dipset sound. Don Q blends well with the beat. Definitely an anthem for the Harlem new and old era.

Track 4, “Coleslaw” begins with him boasting he is back. “Lucy I’m Home” he screams. Listen as he discusses his feuds with his Kanye West. He brings up how Kanye goes A-Wall. This is a highlight of the mixtape of course.

Cam’Ron has always been a storyteller. “Remember Game” featuring Mimi explains them as a couple playing the Remember game. Similar to the blame game. This becomes a Bonnie and Clyde situation. Mimi has a sensual voice and he chooses a good singer. Plus this lady has bars! You will hear how they both played positions, made sacrifices, cheating, and more. Mimi definitely went in on Cam.

Araab Musik produces “The Other Side” featuring Sen City. The beat begins with replica of a Rick Ross/ LexLugar beat? Overall it was good track.

With “Fleegod“, it took about 10 seconds for Cam to catch the beat. We insists that the rapper sticks to his original flow, for sure.

Kiss Myself” is the 14th track produced by Just Blaze. With his original flow and ode to self love, it is not a surprise coming from Killa.

Last “Uwasntthere” becomes a highlight of the project as well. He gives us this live beat. With his storytelling, he discusses his struggle, his basketball career, his hustle, and more.

Overall, Killa came back with some pretty dope music. It brings you back to his Dipset era and should be appreciated. Some artists tend to linger off to the modern day rap which is not always authentic. His storytelling will always be the best to listen to. He stayed true to his Dipset roots. Cam should keep his flow the way it has always been. This is what makes him one of the most influential lyricists today. With his self love, realness, nonchalant attitude, and swag, it was a must hear.

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