March 7, 2021


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Jack Daniels Presents #ArtsBeatsLyrics Meet and Greet with Mannie Fresh

Friday evening, November 10, Jack Daniels came to the North side of Houston to present their Tennessee Honey whiskey with the one and only Mannie Fresh. The super duper producer came through Green’s Liquor Store while several showed up. Everyone was even treated with The Jack Daniel’s Honey shots. There were shirts, headphones, eyewear, pens, and more gifts to give out to the public.

The atmosphere of Green’s Liquor was truly welcoming. We were taken in with open arms!

Before Mannie’s performance for the #ArtsBeatsLyrics Show, at the Union Station at Minute Maid Park, he greeted several fans. The New Orleans native gave much of his southern hospitality in Houston.

Jack Daniels offered RSVPs for the public to sign up for the #Artsbeatslyrics event. This show consists of a traveling urban art and music exhibition. This Showcases gives you an unique view of great talents. There were previous shows by Teddy Riley and even Kendrick Lamar. Jack Daniels Honey is all for the authentic and the imaginative.

Check out this visual by Don Chochise on YouTube where you can get a glimpse of the awesome #Artsbeatslyrics Show!

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