March 5, 2021


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Listen To Scarface New Album “Deeply Rooted: Lost Files”

The Houston OG dropped his latest album “Deeply Rooted: Lost Files” which continues the 2015 “Deeply Rooted”. This 10 track album depicts Scarface in his realest form. There are six tracks from previous LP, with 4 new tracks added. Check out the track list and listen below.

1. “Black Still”

2. “Concrete Couch (Hot Seat Alternate Version)”

3. “Live That Life”

4. “Mental Exorcism (Alternate Version)”

5. “Same Ol Same”

6. “That’s Where I’m At”

7. “The Rebound”

8. “One Day Closer”

9. “Gone (Keep It Movin Alternate Version)”

10.”Dollar Bill (Anything Alternate

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