Kash Doll in Houston Christmas Weekend – (NLM Exclusive)

What a weekend in Houston when Kash Doll arrives for her show at Warehouse Live. Saturday December 23,2017, Kash Doll made her presence known as fans come to see the doll do what she does best!

There was a meet and greet prior to the concert. Unfortunately, fans and media was not able to get that full access to the Doll. The fans had vip tickets to see her during the greet and show. Media had the same guidelines as well. We’ve waited several hours during the meet and greet which lead into scheduled show time. We are not sure reasons for this but it also was a great time for networking and connecting with others which was necessary.

The concert set it off and Kash Doll gave her fans what they’ve been waiting for. With special performances by Damar Jackson, Kat St. John, Young Lyric, and Alief Biggie & The Bake Boyz.

The following appearance was at Club Panda, where Kash Doll came and amazed her crowd once again. She had Houston out to see what she has to give to the world. Be on the look out for more Exclusives on Kash Doll and more.


photo by Openn Radio: Neicee Love Productions
photo by Openn Radio: Neicee Love Productions
photo by Openn Radio: Neicee Love Productions

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