March 7, 2021


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Kodak Black Gifts Fans For Valentine’s Day: Heart Break Kodak

With the peculiar act of incarceration of Florida boy Kodak Black early this year, he still give fans new music behind bars. His new project “Heart Break Kodak” drops today Valentine’s Day. Despite Kodak is currently in jail, he manages to drop an entire project. His home was invaded and was taken for charges such as possession of marijuana and grand theft of firearms. We pray for his release very soon.

“Heart Break Kid” gives the impression of the rapper giving us his love experience good and bad. Seventeen tracks full of love and hate which explains the title of tape. He has Appearance by Tory Lanez and Lil Wayne who is on single “Kodeine Dreaming”.

You can hear in his message and voice that he had of relationship problems. He spits about his reality with love. As a young successful rap artist dealing with beautiful ladies, he for sure loved and broke hearts. As well as having his heart broken. He explains his loneliness, happiness, love, and hate. Kodak has issues with privacy and finding ladies who are there for him as a person, not the celebrity.

“Heart Break Kodak” revolves around Valentines. This was a perfect fit for this holiday couples and friends celebrate. Kodak keeps it real and expresses himself about his feelings more than a facade most rappers spits about.

In conclusion, Kodak his a story to tell. For him to drop an entire tape for Valentines, it was premeditated prior to his incarceration. We anticipate his release, especially after hearing his tracks such as “Tunnel Vision” and “Roll In Piece”. You can hear his cry throughout the tape. He seems to have a huge heart and becomes sincere to his loved ones. Listen to Kodak today on Nyte Lyfe Music.

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