May 6, 2021


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New Music Alert: DJ KHALID featuring Jay-Z, Future & Beyonce “Listen Now”

Dj Khalid just dropped the new release of “Top Off” this morning with his son Asahd Khaled as Executive Producer. We know Khaled do not miss when it comes down to making a certified hit. “Top Off” has Jay-Z, Beyoncé, and Future each grilling the track the entire song. Our thoughts on this track, it is not the star-studded crazy song of the year as they intended on. Jay-Z of course ate the beat and gave real life bars. Listening to HOV gives you the sense of encouragement, because he said it and meant it. Beyoncé had hella bars as well. Do you think that HOV wrote her bars? Honestly, she maybe wrote these lyrics, we can see her saying what she living as well. As for Future, he did what he would normally do. Nothing extravagant happen on this track with him. Just his sound presence. What are your thoughts on this track? Listen below!


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