April 22, 2021


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Urban Fetes Presents Silent Listening Party:Trae The Truth – HomeTown Hero

The Texas Ambassador, Trae The Truth, gives his fans the Ultimate Silent Listening Party with Urban Fetes. With ABN and The Relief Gang, King Truth personally premieres his latest album ”Hometown Hero”. Hosting with his solider at hand, DJ Mr. Rogers is the recipe to God’s Will.

King Truth and DJ Mr. Rogers are true angels from heaven. Post-Hurricane Harvey, they put in overtime to give back to Texas during its worst times. They used their voice and power of their fans and audience. Trae had to hold back his project to work within communities and help the need. This listening party was another due diligence for Trae to give back to his fans.

Urban Fetes curated a dope Silent Listening Party for ”Hometown Hero”. The album just dropped today! Check it out now! See below the images of a door night.

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