April 22, 2021


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The Houston NOLA Boil Festival Becomes A Success

If you are from the south and never had crawfish, you are missing out on life! The NOLA Boil was curated by a host of Houstonians and New Orleanians, embracing the southern culture of food. The ”pinch, suck, peel, explains the protocol of eating crawfish. The all you can eat crawfish festival was held at Peggy Park March 10th 2018.

As we enter the gates to the boil, you receive the southern hospitality each step of the way. There were several vendors adding to the feel of known New Orleans festivals. With admission, you receive tickets for 2 free drinks. Limited tickets were for all you can eat crawfish. You can enjoy hookah, nice cocktails, and different southern foods.

As the day dims, what better way can you embrace New Orleans culture? With bounce artist 10th Ward Buck and Kilo on the mic. The crowds gathers up on court singing and dancing some of the hottest bounce tracks to vibe to.

This ever became multicultural as it gathered people together. We really enjoyed ourselves. There were plenty of fun and games for children as people danced their feets away. We anticipate a NOLA BOIL 2! We will keep you posted with that!

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