March 5, 2021


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Cardi B Gives Us Her New Single “Be Careful” Listen Now!

Cardi B is giving her fans a run with her new single “Be Careful” which dropped today at midnight.

After listening to the track, she did this for the ladies. She speaks to her man, letting him know to be careful by treating her right. There are issues with dating and cheating in today’s society. She speaks on giving respect, showing you care, and being truthful in a relationship. As reviewing this song, she should have became more in-depth with her character. Her rhythm was off at moments. Even the hook, if you listen, you will it. The motive of the track is pretty cool, especially for women who can relate.

Cardi actually been invading the charts and became a household name.

Bronx Sensation will be debuting her new album “Invasion of Privacy” April 6th.

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