April 18, 2021


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Throwback Thursday: #FREEMEEKMILLS

Meek was right when he stated that his mixtape is better than your album. If you wasn’t a fan of Meek’s Dream Chasers August 11th in 2011, how did you live life? DJ Drama and Maybach Music Group presented on of the best mixtapes ever. The tape consists of 20 heartfelt tracks filled with dreams and success that comes behind capturing it. Every track on Dream Chasers was relate-able, especially to a street nigga. Philly’s own had music that reached out to every hood across the nation. What do you think Meek got when he come home from prison? We believe Meek is going to whistle blow the frauds in this rap game.

With production by All Star, The Beat Bully, Jahlil Beatz, Lex Lugar, Cardiak, Southside, and more. You can check out the tracklist below.

“Tony Montana” was one of the best freestyles to ever surface. Meek punished the Future beat. He should have been on the original track in our opinion. “Body Count” featuring Rick Ross was also a favorite.

“What’s your body count, nigga? I’m double digits!”

Meek Mills 

“Realest You Ever Seen” featuring NH was a street favorite of ours. The song summarized the title “Dream Chasers”. It was a vivid track especially at the time the tape dropped. Meek is a special artist. We admire his past work such as Dream Chasers. As he elevated in his career, his lingo changed, for the better or worse? Some may say he fell off. Or maybe he just bossed up with a different lifestyle now? Besides that, we have to pay homage to the Young Big Dawg in the game. The guy who had Nicki Minaj, the guy some may have gave up on one before, Meek Milly. We pray for him and his family for his release.

  • Track List provided by Genius.com
5.  Dreamchasers 


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