Nicki Minaj Gives Us Second Single “Barbie Tingz” Here We Go Again

So after listening to “Chun Li” from Nicki Minaj, we said to ourselves that there has to be more to this! The track was cool, but with the anticipation, she could have just made a drop. But she is not BeyoncĂ© right? Any-who, Nicki gave bars on “Barbie Tingz”. Again, she has this alter-ego that becomes sort of weird. We just wished she came super hard because the potential is extreme. Seems like she playing safe. Her deliverance on this track is much harder than the last track “Chun-Li”. The motives of these tracks seems to be that she wants the world to know who holds the Queen crown. She did better on “Motorsport”! But hey, we just awaiting for more! NEXT!!!!


Nicki Minaj Drops New Single Today “Chun-Li” Listen Now!

Nicki Minaj comes out to play, again. Nicki has the song “Chun-Li” which is inspired from Street Fighter. After listening to the track, she infers that critics says she the villain. She calls herself “King Kong”.

She becomes the “Chun Li” alter-ego, she creates a quiets storm with the track. We believe she could have came more direct with her message. If shots are being thrown, or perhaps she feel she is a threat, speak upon that. The production of the track is nice yet off and fits the motives of “Chun Li”. We can see Nicki is sending a message that she holds the titles of the championship. We need more energy from Nicki. Nicki is truly one of Hip-Hop’s most influential artists period. Let’s see what the other track sounds like!

You can listen to “Chun Li” below!