April 22, 2021


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“Unsigned Hype” K1ngChulo Brings You Into His World in “Werewolves”

Feel the vibes as K1ngChulo presents his latest single “Werewolves”. As the track begins, you sense K1ngChulo about to tell his story. With over 100,000 plays overall on all platforms , he has fans that comes for the heat. The New Orleans artist comes alive in the nighttime. With production by Dutty, the track has a dark background which coincides with Chulo’s sound. He speaks on going in and his determination to not stop by any means. There is anticpation his fans hear, wanting to hear more. With his second project “Me, Myself, and K1ng”, Chulo has a variety of sounds that reflect on his hard work and dedication. The chorus depicts the artist moving in the night as a werewolf, taking the world by storm. The beat has substance and keeps you in mind of the night life he feeds off into. K1ng Chulo has the potential to become an elite rap artist. We infer as his hard work increases, the more the world cannot look past his talents.

New Orleans Artist “K1ng Chulo”

Overall, “Werewolves” is a dope song that you can change your mood to. Whether you are at a happy state, or a dark space, the track becomes neutral to your ears. K1ng Chulo has an authentic flow that becomes relative to the audience. “Werewolves is on all platforms such as SoundCloud, ITunes, Spotify, and more. You can check out the artist @K1ngchulo on all social media platforms.

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