April 22, 2021


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Kanye West Drops Interview with Charlemagne -NLM EXCLUSIVE

It’s was very refreshing to see Kanye West have such an insightful interview with Charlemagne after his controversial rants on Twitter. People were in rage of him wearing the MAGA hat and the impression of a support for Trump. He indirectly corrected his reasons and his breakdowns he had in the past. One thing we loved from the interview was Kanye stating “Stop doing things based on Fear”. Something most deal with today.

Kanye states that the breakthrough has him in a stronger place. It caused manipulation and created a validation he felt he didn’t need. Kanye seems to has risen from the hurt and pain he dealt with through media as well as with his mother’s death.

Kanye speaks on the robbery of his wife Kim Kardashian in Paris. Not being able to protect her as he wish was painful to him. He stated how it may have been set up, knowing that West would be on tour during his wife’s arrival to Paris. They caught them slipping you can say.

“They Lebron’d Me”

Charlemagne asks West about seeing a therapist. Kanye responded by saying he used the world as his therapist. With all he had to deal with as an icon, black man, lost of mother, self love, being a father and husband, he dealt with a lot. He explained why he didn’t say too much.

“Didn’t have a lot to say, but had a lot to learn”

He lost confidence coming through his breakthrough. He went into discussions about the word Humility. One thing that we noticed about his interview was that he was speaking the truth. And wasn’t afraid to say it.

“Basketball and Rap is someone’s else industry. You are the player”

He referenced this towards Virgil who was once Kanye’s Strategist. Virgil now over Men’s wear at Louis Vuitton. There has been some differences between his fellow friend. He speaks openly about it all.

He speaks on his differences with Jay-Z. Jay States in the “444” album how He gave Kanye 20 million:

Ye/You gave him 20 million without blinkin’/He gave you 20 minutes on stage, fuck was he thinkin’?”

Kanye defends by saying Jay got the money from the Roc Nation Touring Deal. He didn’t like how Jay made it seemed like it came straight out of his own pocket. Kanye is a Loyal yet emotional individual and felt some type of way. He has no hate but love towards Jay. Stating Family and of course Jay became a Co-Sign. He says branding = insecurities. How someone has to wear a luxury brand to consider themselves at a higher state. That was a dope comparison to today’s society. Being distracted and manipulated stepping into the music industry was a breakthrough for Kanye.


Overall, after seeing everyone ridicule one of our greatest artists of all time, shows how your people can turn their backs on you. Kanye takes it as people just stating their opinions which is true. We shouldn’t worry about what people think of us. This interview was an eye opener. With teaching us that information is everything. Kanye goes into how he didn’t want to be managed and artists should not overall. They should have CEOs! Also stating the 360 deal is the Harriet Tubman $20 dollar bill; “Ole Slave Shit”! Gathering 300 acres of land and building a community is his great ideas of today. He defends himself by saying “Trump = Anything is Possible”. Which is true. We have to think outside the box. This interview was a breakthrough for the culture. Watch it now.https://youtu.be/zxwfDlhJIpw

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